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  1. TIME STAMP: 5:50pm Interview Invite or Regrets: Regrets Early or Regular Deadline: Regular GPA or AGPA (if applicable): 87.48 MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 511 Geography (IP/OOP): IP ECs: Mix of Research (Co-op, no pubs), typical volunteering & club stuff, part-time job NAQ: 24.37 AQ: 26.44 TFR: 50.81 NAQ went down ~4 points compared to last year, interviewed last year. I know there's no guarantees but pretty choked right now and I have a final to write tomorrow. I guess I'll hold out hope for OMSAS.
  2. Dust_Bucket

    Offering Mock MMIs

    Solonly was super helpful when I was practicing for my MMIs!! He gave really good feedback, and his scenarios were definitely challenging, but I could see why he asked the questions that he did. When he explains a scenario after the fact, he breaks it down so you can really see his thought process, which you can apply yourself. I think he really helped me figure out where my strengths and weaknesses, and I really appreciated that he took the time to get to know me as well. You can tell that he really wants you to succeed.
  3. My GPA's not spectacular but it's not bad ~3.85. Ideally the score doesn't take me out of the running for too many schools haha.
  4. Worth the re-write? 511 (126, 130, 129, 126) I'm an undergrad so I wouldn't have the bit of extra lee-way a grad student might get. I don't like the fact that I scored low-ish for CP and PS.
  5. Historically, Pharmacology has had higher cutoffs than CAPS. It's not a substantial difference though, and the cutoffs do fluctuate a bit from year to year depending on the strength of that year's applicants.
  6. Well I know of quite a few pre-CAPS & pre-pharmaco (ie second years in the majors) that switched into integrated sciences because they'd rather not deal with the workload of the two programs. I mean for those dead set on med, doing either major isn't taking the path of least resistance, given the volume of content they throw at you in the courses & the amount of time you spend writing lab reports. OP, The general consensus is that Pharmacology has a harder third-year than CAPS, and the opposite is true for fourth year.
  7. Gohan: It's for Pharmacology
  8. Hi everyone I'm going into my second year at UBC Vancouver. I'm taking a pretty typical life science courseload and I have a few questions for those who went to UBC for undergrad: Which science courses did you find tricky or time-consuming? Just from talking to a few friends and reading online, I've kind of placed my courses into these categories: Tough: CHEM 211 & CHEM 235 (the labs) BIOL 200 BIOL 201 Not Bad: STAT 200 CHEM 205 PHIL 220A Nice: PCTH 201 FNH 200 KIN 343 I took care of CHEM 233 and MICB 202 this summer; I didn't mind them.
  9. Slightly bit OT....but has anyone ever wondered why Biol 121 is the pre-requisite over Biol 112? That's been bugging me for quite a bit haha.