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  1. I did similar research and agree with your choice of Ottawa over Mac...Everyone I spoke to told me nothing to think about. Goto Ottawa.
  2. does ottawa 'reject' anyone ? is there recent history of those on the 'bad' waitlist getting an offer ?
  3. Do Ontario medical schools send emails to those waitlisted as the unfilled positions become available or only on biweekly/weekly schedule starting may28?
  4. Which province do u live? What is the GPA of each of your 4 years? Need above to better answer your question
  5. Dropping a course could be detrimental to other universities wgpa calculations like Toronto etc...
  6. Each school has there own method for GPA calculation in addition to cgpa.. Toronto drops 1 full course per year provided you have a full course load...Queens takes your last two years, Ottawa weight your last 3 yrs... Readup on each school and calculate your options
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