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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew when Western usually posts their MCAT cut-offs on their website or when they they will post it this year based off of last year. It's my first time applying there and I got a 127 in B/B and I am a little nervous (128 CP, 129 CARS, 127 BB, 128 PS).
  2. "Please outline whether there are any gaps and/or unusual circumstances to your file/application. If none, please state "none". (Max. 2,400 characters.)" I took 5 continuous years to do my first degree. Then did 1 year of a second undergraduate degree right after. Began working and have been working since for 2 years. Would I have to explain this in this section?
  3. Awesome work, you've got this. I did a lot of JW's free passages because I also had run out of passages. There is also the Next Step 108 passages, but I do not think they are very reflective.
  4. Hi, I got in to UWA Dent this cycle. I applied with my MCAT however (since they take either the MCAT or DAT) with a score of 513. I can't remember what my GPA was on their scale, but my GPA is fairly low and not my strong point at all. I think its possible and you never know what will happen! I think its free to apply to that school through OzTREKK as well, so you're not losing anything by applying. I will say that I have quite a bit of volunteer experience and that helped me answer 3-4 questions in the interview and personalize it to me. Like you, I was worried about getting in since 5-6 international seats seems like nothing. If you can shine in the interview and score high on the DAT, you have a decent shot. There's also the University of Sydney and some other schools in Australia that have considerably more seats. I would say go for it, especially if its your dream. The faculty I met at the interview were also very inviting and nice.
  5. My insight on the MCAT: My CARS scores were 124 (2016), 125(2017), 125(2018) and 129(2019), so I've been in a similar boat where I was facing a MCAT re-write for CARS. I think its important to reflect on why you didn't get the score you wanted in CARS. I re-wrote it for CARS so many times because I knew it was possible that I could adjust my strategy, my nerves, my practice so that I could score higher. This summer, I changed my strategy and I made sure to do 4 (and later, 6) practice CARS every day. I always did it timed. Previously, I would do 1-2 passages a day and I would not even take the time to review them. Be really honest with yourself here, because it will save you a lot of time and money. I think it would be beneficial for you to re-write if you have scored higher on CARS on practice exams or if on test day during CARS something went wrong (i.e. could not concentrate on the first passage, went significantly slower or faster than usual, were more distracted by the test environment than you expected). Since you've done it twice I think you have a good idea of where you stand with CARS and whether or not it is something you can improve. This is anecdotal evidence and doesn't speak for everyone. However, it is hope that CARS can be improved upon and it is possible to score higher. Just some food for thought as you consider what to do. I'm just like everyone else so if I can do it, you can do it too I don't want to comment in terms of 5th year or masters since I don't have much advice to offer there. Hopefully someone else will be able to chime in there. Good luck.
  6. I think its turning down Australia and entering the uncertainty of this entire process again thats giving me pause. Are my stats sufficient to get an interview to a Canadian medical school or am I just beating a dead horse at this point?
  7. Thank you! Thank you!. I'm worried I won't get any interviews at all. I think that's what my family is thinking too after seeing me get no interviews for the past 2 years. I didn't have a competitive MCAT those cycles though and was moreso just hoping the cut offs might change or I'd get lucky. I do feel like I might have more of a chance this year though but I may end up with no interviews once again
  8. Hey everyone. I'm looking for some input today. I don't have a lot of friends going through the med school application process and I have a big decision to make. I am 26 and I've been working for the past 2 years after finishing my undergraduate degree. I'm IP for Alberta, and my GPA in each year has been 2.06, 2.85, 3.30, 3.84, 3.91 and 3.94. My new MCAT score from Aug 2019 is 128/129/127/128 for C/P, CARS, B/B and P/S. This is my first time not getting a 125 in CARS so I am planning on applying to Queen's and Western this year and hopefully meeting their cut offs this time around. My pre-interview score at U of C was a little over 100 and the cut-off for an interview was around 102. I don't think I met the MCAT cut-off at Queen's last year. The thing is, I've just been accepted to medical school in Australia and it starts at the end of January. I've only applied to U of C, U of A and Queen's in the past due to my lower weighted GPA (3.56 at Calgary and Alberta) and my lower CARS score (125 previously). Now that I just got my MCAT score back with a 129 in CARS, I feel like there's a bit more hope and that I could potentially get in in Canada. I do feel a bit of pressure from my family to move on and go to medical school in Australia. I also have paid a deposit ($2000 of it is non-refundable). However, I know that nothing is guaranteed in Canada and I could end the 2019/2020 cycle with no acceptances. I am planning on applying to U of A, U of C, Queen's and Western this cycle. I have a lot of varied and long-term volunteer experience which I think would give me a leg up with Western's new abbreviated ABS, but again I know nothing is guaranteed and its very competitive. Do you think it would be worth it to stay and not go to Australia this year? Or looking at my stats should I move on and just do med school in Australia? I'm pretty confused and don't really know what to do. I try to weigh the pros and cons but I feel like someone else's unbiased insight would help, since the only other people i talk to about this are my family and friends and they don't really know much about the process. Any insight would be much appreciated!!!!
  9. First, congratulations on your score. Your C/P, B/B, P/S scores are really good! I took the MCAT for the 4th time on Aug 2 trying to improve CARS from a 125. I actually got the same score as you last year, where all of my sections were high and ideal but CARS was stuck at that 125. Yesterday, I checked my score and I actually got a 129. This is after getting a 125 on 3 MCATS over 3 years. However... I would only re-take it for CARS if: - you scored higher on practice AAMC exams (127+) - don't think this score is reflective of what you're capable of - i.e. you usually do really well when you practice CARS/score fairly high on practice exams - test day did not go as planned or something happened during the CARS section (maybe you got nervous and read faster/more carefully than you normally would, went too slow and didn't finish on time or anything else out of character) - you have been doing something different in CARS over this past month If test day went as it did when you write practice exams or your score of 125 is what you normally get on practice exams (125-127) or you have been practicing CARS the same way over the past month then I would recommend not re-taking it this september. You did really good in all of your other sections. At the end of the day the choice is up to you. You also have the opportunity to re-write it next summer so you can work on your CARS strategy/practice more. This is what I personally needed. I was so burnt out after writing my MCAT last summer I knew it was only going to hinder my performance if I wrote the MCAT for the second time that summer. This summer, I studied all over again for 4 months and practiced 4-6 CARS passages every single day, timed. It was really hard mentally to go through the entire process once again. This time around I changed how I kept track of time and how i read the passage, and it made a big difference (125-->129). I think I got a 125 three times in a row because I kept using the same strategy every year, only did 2 practice passages a day (except on days i did practice exams) and I didn't take the time to go through my right and wrong answers after I did it. I had the mentality that its "just reading" and I would somehow pull through on test day and all the cards would fall in my favour. This year, I did not have that mentality and I took CARS very very seriously. I made sure I had my timing down and I never missed out on doing passages or taking the time to review time. Whatever choice you make will be the right one for you. Good luck!!
  10. Hi, I am planning to re-write the MCAT after studying this past summer and receiving a 510 (126/125/129/130). I applied to 4 schools this admissions cycle (Alberta schools, Queens, Ottawa). My cGPA is fairly low (3.57), 2yr GPA is a 3.88 on the OMSAS scale, and wGPA for Ottawa is a 3.87 and I can't say with full certainty what my chances will be this cycle. I don't want to forget what I've learned over the summer for the MCAT and if I wait until next summer to re-write I know I will have to re-study everything from the start. Should I go for a re-write in early 2018 and start prepping again now while everything is still kind of fresh? or wait until the summer to re-write after seeing what happens with my applications this cycle? What would you do? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I just can't decide what choice would be better and I thought perhaps some of you have been in the same boat or could provide some input.
  11. My understanding is that you sign up for 1 casper test, do it, and then the score from that 1 test gets sent to all of the schools you selected in the registration process (U of A, Ottawa, etc). So the casper test itself doesn't change from one school to another. Hope that helps!
  12. Thank you for your response Bambi. I have sent an e-mail to admissions. Hopefully, they will include the year. Are they referring to degrees that are explicitly only 1 year in duration then? I will post an update here when I get a reply for future reference. If anyone else does have a similar experience, i would still like to hear. I'm not too sure if I'll hear back in time since they are probably getting swamped with questions
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