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  1. Hi, I am planning to re-write the MCAT after studying this past summer and receiving a 510 (126/125/129/130). I applied to 4 schools this admissions cycle (Alberta schools, Queens, Ottawa). My cGPA is fairly low (3.57), 2yr GPA is a 3.88 on the OMSAS scale, and wGPA for Ottawa is a 3.87 and I can't say with full certainty what my chances will be this cycle. I don't want to forget what I've learned over the summer for the MCAT and if I wait until next summer to re-write I know I will have to re-study everything from the start. Should I go for a re-write in early 2018 and start prepping again now while everything is still kind of fresh? or wait until the summer to re-write after seeing what happens with my applications this cycle? What would you do? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. I just can't decide what choice would be better and I thought perhaps some of you have been in the same boat or could provide some input.
  2. My understanding is that you sign up for 1 casper test, do it, and then the score from that 1 test gets sent to all of the schools you selected in the registration process (U of A, Ottawa, etc). So the casper test itself doesn't change from one school to another. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you for your response Bambi. I have sent an e-mail to admissions. Hopefully, they will include the year. Are they referring to degrees that are explicitly only 1 year in duration then? I will post an update here when I get a reply for future reference. If anyone else does have a similar experience, i would still like to hear. I'm not too sure if I'll hear back in time since they are probably getting swamped with questions
  4. I did 5 years for my science undergrad and graduated with a bachelor of science. Last year, I started my 2nd undergraduate degree in bachelor of science in kinesiology. I've completed 1 year of that, and it'll take me another year to complete it. However, I'm taking a leave of absence this year so as of right now, I only have 1 year of that degree. On the website it says "Since we require at least three years of undergraduate full-time studies in any program leading to the obtention of a bachelor degree in a recognized university within our eligibility requirements, we will only convert the most recent three years of studies pertinent to the bachelor program of studies of the candidates and not convert any undergraduate degree and/or certificate of one-year duration." Has anyone been in a similar situation and had their 1 year included in the GPA calculation? or will it simply not be included? I think I'm over-thinking it and it probably won't be but just want to hear if anyones been in a similar situation Thank you in advance
  5. Hey everyone, I received my MCAT score yesterday and got a 510 (126/125/129/130). I've seen a 125 CARS get accepted in the thread, but I didn't see a 126 in a science section(?). I'm really disappointed in myself, 1 more point in C/P and I feel like I possibly had a shot at an interview at Queen's. My 2 year GPA is 3.89. My OMSAS application is almost complete... Should I throw in an application for Queen's? If I'm being honest, i know that it is only getting more competitive every year and that the 126 in C/P or the 125 in CARS may have just tanked me.
  6. I was looking into the UOttawa requirements and for the chemistry courses, if I took 1 biochem course, 2 ochem courses and 2 general chem courses, do I fulfill this requirement?: "The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session." and if I take 9 classes total for fall/winter this year will that year still be counted in the GPA calculation? The semester and full-year courses wording was throwing me off a bit. "Any year with less than four full-year courses will not count as a full-time year of study. A full-time summer semester does not replace a semester of studies within an academic year. AP, IB and transfer credits are not recognized as fulfilment of full time studies requirement" Thank you in advance. I know these might seem like silly questions but if someone could clear it up I would appreciate it.
  7. I would really appreciate any input on this. - 2 year GPA = 3.82 - I have a lot of diverse ECs and the majority of these are long-term. i think have a lot to talk about in regards to these and can relate them back to CANMEDs - but my MCAT...: 123/124/125/129 (501) [CP/CARS/BB/PS] Do I still have a shot at Queens?.. Have you heard of anyone with my MCAT score getting in or is that too far below what cut-offs have been in the past?
  8. I see the cut-offs for Western and the 2 year GPA is working in my favor but I'm worried that... I don't know that i just won't get in.. I sit here and I'm like hey I can make these cut-offs! a panel interview? Hm I feel with practice that won't be a complete disaster.. My volunteering feels good. This is awesome, I might actually get into med school!! But then I think: how realistic is this? A lot of people still apply who meet the cut-offs, will do good at the interviews.. have volunteering.. Its scarier because Western is one of the few schools I even have a shot at.. I don't know sometimes i'm so positive and confident that if I put my best foot forward, it could happen.. and other times I get really down and think even if you meet the cut-offs, have a decent interview.. that you may STILL not get in.. My med social circle is pretty small but I read these forums a lot so i guess i don't hear too many people going there and getting in in my personal life and i feel a bit disillusioned..
  9. i wanted to do a second degree in the bachelor of science in kinesiology, but after seeing what classes I have left to complete after all of the transferred credit it seems daunting. I really can't mess up my GPA in the next 2 years and have to keep it as close to perfect as I can. These are the classes i have left below. Any input would be appreciated as I'm really stressed about this decision.. Mostly I'm concerned about how I have to take them crammed into 2 years. For all of you who have done the kinesiology degree or are currently in it and have done these courses, how are they? Will it be difficult to balance these classes? Any input from other kinesiology programs not at the U of A would help me out so much! Year 1 1. PEDS 100 2. PEDS 101 3. PEDS 103 4. PERLS 104 5. PERLS 105 1. HE ED 220 2. HE ED 221 3. PEDS 200 4. PEDS 203 5. PEDS 209 Year 2 1. PEDS 240 2. PERLS 207x 3. PEDS 303 or HE ED 321 4. PEDS 306 5. PEDS 311 1. PEDS 334 2. PEDS 335 3. PEDS 401 4. 9/15 Professional Practicum
  10. Hi everyone, i looked at my marks for an assignment and my final over christmas break and I felt like I could have done better on my assignment so I e-mailed the TA (who marked it and who I've talked to a couple times before) to come in and talk about it. I met with him friday and we went over it and he agreed that I deserved more marks and that he would look it over again and that I could expect an increase in my mark on the assignment (+0.5-0.75%) this seems like a little but its actually just enough to boost me into the next letter grade. I didn't beg him for the marks I simply asked him if he could over why I got those marks and he realized that I could earn more. I also worked really hard on the assignment so I felt like I could have done better and he agreed. However, then my TA later that day emailed me and said he had asked my professor if he could change the mark and the professor said no he could not. I checked the syllabus and it doesn't give a deadline anywhere for changing marks on an assignment etc. The assignment marks were released a little before finals began (beginning of december) and i didn't check it until christmas break. I wouldn't have had the time to go talk to them during finals and I would think they are busy during that time as well so inevitably I feel like it would have gotten pushed to after christmas break anyways. Maybe I'm wrong about this and I wish I had checked prior to and just done it in december but I didn't and I do regret that I e-mailed my professor asking to meet and now he's being a little weird and asking why I need to come in etc. I could write why and explain in an e-mail but I feel like seeing him in person is the best way to go about this. However i don't know how to write it without him cutting me off right away and then it just turning into emails back and forth... I really don't want to give up on getting those marks because now that my TA agrees that I could have gotten more marks and that it could mean the difference between a B+ and an A- it would make such a big difference and I think that if I deserve them I should get those marks. I went into the final with a 95 so I was doing really well in the course prior to the final which brought me down literally a 0.65 from an A- What should I do? I go to the University of Alberta by the way. I just feel so stressed about this one grade and I really want to get it over and done with. Has anyone had a similar experience? The assignment was a written critique. I also want to go over my final exam, even just to see where I made mistakes and learn where I went wrong for the future but I'm worried about asking for that in case they don't allow it... Any advice on this would be appreciated
  11. Hey everyone, I’m going to be graduating from my BSc degree this year and I am really unsure of what to do next.. My overall GPA is not competitive but I have an upward trend (i’m IP for Alberta) First year: 2.06 Second: 2.85 Third: 3.30 Fourth: 3.84 Fifth: 3.84 (projected. I should have done better but I got a B+ and 2 A- so that just brought everything down..) I will be writing the MCAT this summer and don’t have an old or new score. I feel like my ECs are really good. I volunteer at about 4-5 places weekly and I’ve been doing so for a long time. They are meaningful as well so I genuinely enjoy them and find that they benefit me in numerous ways. I feel like this is my strong point and I have a lot to talk about in terms of those. I feel as if my best bet is Queens or Western since they count the best/last 2 years. I also feel like my ECs will help me with Queens and i’m generally pretty good at interviews and talking to people so I’m not too worried about that. What about Calgary? Do you think i have a good shot since I'm IP? my cGPA is low for UCalgary but I feel like I can easily think of top 10 experiences and I have a lot of volunteer experience that i could fill an application with. I'm also involved in clinical research but i have no publications (been doing that for ~ 3 years) would that boost me up enough for Ucal or will my GPA pull me too far down for my ECs to even have an effect? My main problem is my GPA. I’m ready to embark on a long and difficult path if thats what it’ll take to make it into medicine. I'm dedicated no matter how long it takes but I also don't want to be chasing something thats never going to happen. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it in. I haven’t applied before but it just feels like the competition is so stiff. Am i even competitive at schools like queens or westerns (i know without a MCAT its hard to tell but assuming i make cut offs?) I guess my main question is, do i have a chance? If i try hard and long enough and pull my GPA up further is it possible that I’ll get in? With my 4th and 5th year marks, is it possible I could get an interview at queens or westerns? I finally have the right study habits so I know I can bring up my GPA and keep it high in the coming years. I’m just not sure how to time things out… do I do a second degree? take a year off while I wait to hear if i got in or not? do a “special year”? do a masters? i feel like theres a few options but i’m just so unsure of what to do. With my stats and in my position, what would you do? Any help/advice would be appreciated. I feel so lost and need to figure out my plan for the next few years. I will be applying this year after I write the MCAT but I want to plan for next year, as well as set myself up for the coming years in case I don't get in. Thank you once again, just super stressed and any help would be appreciated. If you've been in this position before, i would love to hear what you have to say.
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