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  1. Judging by the growing applicant pool, I will throw $20 in loose change on 2500 applicants. A great guestimate by all means
  2. Hi there. Sorry! I was just replying to the circular discussion going on above me in the thread. I myself am completely unaware when exactly these invites will be sent out. Looking at some timelines froma last years they follow that Monday- regrets and Friday - invites trend. However what is rather peculiar about this year is the lack of the initial email...that should be sent out by hopefully now/soon. I'm currently on pro-notification mode where I can't believe how many times I've checked my email inbox(es). Not a delightful experience by any means.
  3. By definition you are all correct. Invites will go out mid-December. - so invites would come out Dec. 14...and rejections would come first. Essentially following the trend UBC has kept in the past few admission cycles.
  4. Hey so I just had 2 general questions that myself and many others in my friend circle at my uni had regarding UBC admission procedures, which I was hoping i could get help for here. Firstly, does UBC use a transfer credit conversion to convert my universities credits to their own ? Or is gpa calculated using the credits that my own institution awards ? Second question, it says on the UBC website that typically students with 120 credits qualify for AGPA but there are exceptions. In an instance for say, if a student who has completed 3 years of uni worth more than 90 credits (not quite 120) upon applying in june to ubc , would they get the extra bad credits shaved off their worst year ? And again would those credits be the ones that my own institution has for classes ? sorry for the big blurb.
  5. akatsuki

    Martial Arts

    Was just wondering how many other pre meds / med students out there who are martial arts practitioners/enthusiasts/athletes. I'm a pre-med student in my second year. i come from a background with a little bit of wrestling however now train in muay thai, tae kwon doe (just a little), bjj, and boxing. i'm looking to get my first amateur fight under a regulated fight card this november. How do you guys usually balance school, naqs, work, and your training ? Also for the med students, are you able to continually train during med school itself ? feel free to talk about your disciplines.
  6. i may be wrong, but i believe ubc allows a retake with regular courses but they will count both for the averages. For pre reqs however they do not allow pre reqs unless course was failed and no credit taken.
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