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  1. barc16

    Interview experience?

    During the information session they said it was wGPA + interview score. Not sure why the website indicated ABS would also be considered (would've been great for me lol), perhaps that's from the previous cycle
  2. barc16

    HELP!! Flight issues

    Late response to this but I agree with @GITG's viewpoint. I'm really sorry you went through all of that and I can only imagine how much it affected your mindset walking into your interview, but I do not think it would be a good idea to call about it
  3. barc16

    Interview experience?

    I'm in the exact situation. My panel was friendly overall. Ottawa is my only shot as well and I left with a weird feeling in my stomach. I think I did average given the unexpected nature of the questions but there are definitely some answers I keep replaying and kicking myself in the foot for. There's 1 ethics question I feel like I completely blew, so much so that they asked 2 follow-ups because I completely missed the point of their initial question lol. I thought getting the interview over with would lift a huge burden off my chest but instead it seems like the burden has only gotten heavier. I can't wait until May 8th to know the results and know what I'm doing next year... best thing to do is keep yourself busy until then.... good luck!
  4. I honestly was not expecting an interview at all from any schools, least of all from UOttawa (wGPA ~3.89). I wrote the new MCAT in Sept 2017 and long story short got a horrible score that disqualifies me from Western, UofT and I'm pretty sure Queen's. Now I have an interview at Ottawa at the end of March, should I drop my plans to re-write for now or should I continue to study and write it? Although I want to stay confident, I acknowledge that my lower wGPA puts me at a disadvantage already so the odds are against me. I also will not be able to spend my entire summer studying for it, which is why I was aiming to re-write the MCAT by May. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Second question: Ottawa says on their website, "Following the interview, preliminary rank order lists are prepared based on the assessment of the autobiographical sketch, the WGPA and interview (a poor interview may not be ranked). In the event of ties in the final scores, candidates with the highest WGPA will be ranked higher. The admissions committee may take other factors into consideration when ranking each candidate." It looks like this year, the post-interview ranking is not only interview + wGPA = score out of 8, but also includes an ABS component? Or am I reading it wrong?
  5. Does anyone based in Toronto who got an interview at Ottawa want to practice for the panel? Comment or PM if interested!
  6. barc16

    Interview Practice in Ottawa / Skype

    Interested! Based in Toronto but I travel to Ottawa sometimes, so I can meet up in person sometimes!
  7. INVITE! Shocker of my life Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 - 6:27 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.89 Current year: UG complete (did 5 years), currently taking a year off and working in research ECs: Definitely above average, lots of community involvement and leadership, research productivity, clinical experience, some awards, and so on Casper: Honestly felt pretty good about it. Didn't think I did outstanding but didn't think I did horrible either. Did a lot of practice and reflected on ethical scenarios I've faced in my pre-med career so far, didn't read 'Doing Right' - just brushed up on ethics and practiced I was 100% expecting a rejection, I'm still shocked. Hope this gives hope to all the sub-3.90s out there!! Just apply!!
  8. @gangliocytoma and @robclem21 : sorry for the late response, I haven't logged in in a while but did see your response. I still want to thank you (and the other posters in this thread) for instilling some common sense in me. I decided not to take courses because I realized I was overthinking it waay too much and that you're right - my time would be better spent elsewhere, particularly on the MCAT. So that's what I'm going to be focusing on (in addition to working - I do research - and my Taekwon Do, volunteering, etc.).
  9. As long as they start and end during the academic year of Sept-April, I think you should be fine. But I would shoot them a quick email to be sure, they're pretty good with responses!
  10. I'd like to clarify again it would actually be a potential bump from 3.89 to 3.93 (even with 3-4 A's) because I'd get to drop 2 more courses for the wGPA... I think a 4 point increase in wGPA would significantly increase my competitiveness, no? I agree that the way you present yourself on your application definitely matters, it's not enough just to have great ECs. I spent significant time on my app and got my boss (an MD) and a current med student to edit them, and read over them myself a ton of times... Thanks for being frank with me. I know it sounds stupid to be hell bent over going to UofT but I personally think everyone has a secret preference for where they want to go and I'm just being open about it, it's UofT for me. But obviously beggars can't be choosers and I would be very happy to go anywhere I'm accepted. I know that the single best thing I can do to maximize my chances are to re-write my MCAT, which I am definitely going to do. But why not try to increase my chances to UofT? Next year is my 3rd time applying and I want it to be my best application possible... The main reason I'm concerned about taking these courses is the toll it will take on my finances. But there are clearly other things I have to consider. This is so hard. I will definitely think about this more. Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it!
  11. Good luck in your app buddy with the same GPA and SES status lol! I do have a job, I have 2 in fact and both are in research. I am honestly not worried about employment prospects (not bragging but being realistic) since my experience in research is pretty solid and my workplace will keep me on as long as I want to stay. Unfortunately moving out of Ontario would not be a feasible option for me. It's definitely very competitive in Ontario which is why I was thinking I could try to increase my competitiveness by increasing my GPA but I clearly need to think about this more.
  12. I should clarify - I did 5 degree years to finish my Bachelor's because of changes in my major etc. So this would be my first non-degree year but 6th year nonetheless. I agree banking on a single school is not a good idea, I'm definitely working hard for all schools and I should've been more clear about that. But I just think if you really want to do something you should be willing to do anything for it - I would be happy regardless of where I get in but why not work harder just for a few more months to increase my chances at UofT? Like I mentioned above it's potentially moving a weighted 3.89 to 3.93, even with 3-4 A's, because of the extra courses I get to drop from my wGPA. So in that sense I think it would be a significant shift. It is the extra effort and money and time that is stressing me out, like I mentioned in my earlier post I am working this year and come from a lower SES background so while I wouldn't go bankrupt, it would be a significant hit to my finances. I am known to be an over thinker and I probably am over thinking. I really appreciate the insight from everyone. I need to breaaaath
  13. That's true, wanting a 3.9+ is definitely the mental barrier in my head. I guess I just see all these super high GPA acceptances and want to increase my chances. Even with a few A's my wGPA would go up to 3.93 because of the weighting formula, I can shave off a couple of courses. 3.89 to 3.90-3.91 isn't much, but potentially up to 3.93 is a significant boost IMO. Can anyone deny that a 3.93 is definitely better than a 3.89? It's definitely a risk though which is why I have been stressing like crazy over it and I definitely agree with all the comments on my post. I probably do need to breathe and chill out for a bit.. thank you for the advice!
  14. Hey, thanks for the input. I've also known people with 4.0s get rejected pre-interview. But I also know 4.0s who got in and who had poor to mediocre ECs (although they could just have written their essays amazingly and had phenomenal references..). I know there are people here and there who get in with 3.8+ as an undergrad applicant but I don't know, next year would be my 3rd time applying and if a 3.9+ GPA would help me then...