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  1. Hi all, I was hoping there was someone out there who may have purchased a ticket for OMSW (at NOSM this year) who no longer needs it. If so, I'd love to take it off your hands (at cost of course!) :-) Sincerely, blacklabcoats
  2. Straight A minus (very low 80s), but I got my offer literally 2 weeks ago. Hope that helps!
  3. Don't lose hope yet! I called Queen's and they said that they're holding their waitlist offers until at least next week Tuesday - there could easily be some more movement when that happens. :-)
  4. I keep hearing this about waitlist movement, but I can't seem to find a source. Not to say that it isn't true, I just don't know where this statement originated. Let's hope it's accurate (or even understated)!
  5. I think with another 5+ replies we can make a solid guesstimate. We know from an email communication to bw326 that 76.2 is the average of all accepted students (including waitlist). We also know that there were ~50 OOP interviews granted. We have to assume then that at least 16 people OOP students have a score greater than the mean. We also know from the accepted/rejected/waitlist thread that at least one OOP student has been outright rejected [:-(], therefore we know that not ALL of us are waitlisted. My current assumption is that there are about 25 of us on the waitlist. Who's willing to call the office and politely ask? 1,2,3... not it. Edit: I think I'm displaying classic premed neuroticism. I may need help.
  6. I feel like if all of us OOP waitlisters band together, we can make some sense of this waitlist, gauge our chances a little better and rest a little easier. We might even get a decent idea of how many of us there are waiting. Therefore, BUMP!
  7. OOP - on waitlist Above the average on each section. Incredibly grateful for the experience and hopeful for the future!
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