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  1. thanks for the background, it really put things into perspective @makingfetchhappen yes it does sound like a complicated process. I think I'm going to go forward with my BScN and get the best GPS possible and see what my next move would be from there. I am going to try to fit as many bio and them and organic bio as i can into my schedule without over loading. for western a 3.7 for my best two years seems like a good shot because ei will only be in university for 2 years to complete my BScN.
  2. yes my college courses do not count, and thank God becuase those were my worst years. however, moving forward... i know some schools want you to have 3 years of university courses, and i only need two to finish my BScN. I was thinking of using my third year to finish up any science course i would need to apply for med school. I am in ontario but I'm willing to travel to other provinces.
  3. I will be able to get my nursing degree in 2-3 years. I will definately do my research and consider nurse practitioner and physician assistant. thank you for the informative reply @mekingfetchhappen That is also possible. i may just continue the traditional path and do my bscn. get the best gpa i can get and study for my MCAT thereafter if med school is still my decision. thank you @chenoa
  4. Hi, i am a current Practical nursing student at seneca college. During my clinical experience i have found a greater interest in diagnosis and medication. I am interested in going to med school. My GPA is 3.0 and i don't know what to take or where to take my undergrad.I was doing some research and found Royal crown college, and Biztech college that offer a pre-med program that gives you guaranteed accepted into certain (mostly over seas) med schools. I wanted to know if anyone has gone to these schools or what you think about this pathway? I also thought about doing my rn (BScN) in order to get my degree, however i would need to fit the required bio them organic them ext, into another 2 years of school thereafter. Just for general information my graduation date is December 2015 and ill have my run diploma, and i also have a 4 year old son but traveling for education is something i would love to do.
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