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  1. it is not comparable at all to doing a peds residency/being a pediatrician. What freewheeler said is correct, it is meant to give more knowledge in peds for those working in underserviced areas/would like to become more proficient to better serve their patient population. As far as I know doesn't allow working as a 'peds only' FM who sees only kids. If you want to see only kids and no adults I think peds is the only way to do that, in fm you can try to tailor your practice to a lot of young families but I think all fm practices end up with a mix of patients.
  2. I am looking into the possibility of taking part in a research project in an area I am really interested in, looking at public health and disease prevention issues in the community, but the thing is that it is research within a non-medical and non-science department (Sociology/Anthropology). I'm wondering if anyone knows if this would still be an asset on a CaRMS application (i.e. if I do some meaningful research in this area and manage to publish/present or something, but it is in a non-medical journal, would residency programs still look at it as positive in that I have research and it is related to medicine/public health), or would this be detrimental compared to having clinical/science research instead? I am in first year, and probably will be applying to a not super competitive specialty (probably Family or Internal) but still not 100% sure which. I want to decide if I should go forward with this if it's a topic I'm really interested in, or if I should try to find something more clinical based that will "look better" on an application. Basically I just don't wanna screw myself over come 4th year... Anyone advice/info??
  3. Got the call at around 4:20 EST, accepted to Windsor off the high waitlist! I too am surprised that high waitlist is already being placed in Windsor, but either way woooo so happy!!
  4. The admissions office only makes calls during regular business hours right? (Mon-Fri 9-5 Ontario time zone). I am away for the weekend so I am wondering if I would need to give them an alternate contact or if it is okay because I'm not away during the regular business times.
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