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  1. Naturefeelzz

    Does ottawa weigh ECs heavily?

    Personal opinion: These views only represent my own Seems like pre-interview, all that really matters is GPA+CASpers. During the interview, they may/may not use some entries from your ABS to steer conversation. Post-interview, what seems to mostly matter is interview score+GPA. Mabye ABS can be used to mend apart some candidates. who knows.
  2. Naturefeelzz

    CASPer - Dictation

    did it work?
  3. Naturefeelzz

    Only applying to just Ottawa?

    My mistake (I checked back my emails to the faculty, it is indeed 3.6)
  4. Naturefeelzz

    Only applying to just Ottawa?

    around 400-ish students apply to the french stream. However, I've heard from info sessions that from these 400-ish, only 270 pass the GPA cutoff of 3.6 to be considered for an interview! So if you have above 3.6 (or 3.5 if you're aboriginal), you're looking at a competition of 270 applicants in the french stream.
  5. Naturefeelzz

    Laptop bursary ?

    ^^seconded! I'd like to know too!
  6. Naturefeelzz

    Signature as a medical student

    What a heated and polarized debate.. I personally use MS-X for 'Medical Student - year of study' as is it concise and official in the US at least. This way, I feel like it's discreet, isn't too pompous and goes to the point for those who know. My signature looks a little like this: Jane Doe, MS-1. Name of Faculty Name of University
  7. Naturefeelzz

    Questions about Referees

    At least for Ottawa, I don't think not having an academic reference matters (they already know you have a great GPA..). As an accepted candidate, all of my references were non-academic but varied (one from work, one from volunteering and one from my pastor with whom I do benevolent work). The important thing is that they know you well and together bring different aspects of your abilities that will most accurately depict who you are. IMO Each reference should have some degree of overlap (for consistency of your inherent qualities) but they shouldn't all tell the same story. Non academic and from the same organization should be fine. However, interview your three people to get the gist of what they would say (what qualities and event of you stood out the most) and you'll see if all three are unique enough.
  8. Naturefeelzz

    French Stream 2018

    Obviously you meet the GPA cut-off for the french stream (GPA = 3.7). Assuming you do well at the CASPer (you reason well and quickly your thoughts on each situation), you have a nearly guaranteed chance at an interview. This is of course, if they keep the 50% CASPer, 50% GPA formula for the 2017-2018 application cycle.
  9. Naturefeelzz

    Scotiabank LOC deal?

    RBC gives unlimited free e-transfers while Scotia only gives 2 free per month. Consider that if you have multiple bank accounts or if you have rent to pay.. RBC has the upper hand there.
  10. Naturefeelzz

    French Stream Competitive GPA

    Honestly for the french stream, I've seen that being over 3.80 is enough to be competitive. Above the people that post on this forum - which tend to be a skewed representation of the french keeners (I include myself in this hahaha) - the actual people in this stream have quite varied wGPAs.
  11. Naturefeelzz

    Waitlist Support Thread 2017

    were you in the french or english stream?
  12. Naturefeelzz

    What is your LOC Thread

    I honestly don't remember. But I'm inclined to think it reverts to prime. I had the same impression! I'm a long time customer of RBC so getting it with them would have been very convenient. However, I didn't like how intransigent they were. Also, I felt like they weren't that knowledgeable of what being a med student entails. Really felt like they wanted me to just take the money and go. Scotia on the other hand has amazing reps that are there to help you also manage your money and budget. It's important to not settle for loyalty to a certain branch but make sure you are comfortable with your advisor and the deal he/she offers as you will be with them for the long haul!
  13. Naturefeelzz

    What is your LOC Thread

    Depending on where you get it but at the Ottawa branch, they offered me prime -0.25 on a $275k LOC but with 2 year grace period after residency graduation.
  14. Naturefeelzz

    What is your LOC Thread

    What year was it signed?: 2017 Bank Name: Scotiabank Interest Rate: Prime-0.25% = currently 2.45% Grace Period after Graduation from Residency: 1 year but my advisor said this is irrelevant since I can convert the line into a professional LOC with a similar rate after I finish residency. Credit Card: Visa Passport Gold and AmEx Gold Additional Perks: Interest is capitalized during school (no monthly payments!), interest rate will always stay at prime-0.25, direct access to the entirety of the LOC Advisor Name, Review, Contact Info [Optional]: Beth Dai in Ottawa main branch, she is a sweetheart and was super understanding! Very knowledgeable too! IGN 10/10 would recommend beth.dai@scotiabank.com
  15. Naturefeelzz


    Thank you for correcting. I wasn't aware my information was outdated. Everything is Pass/Fail indeed.