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  1. There are no more prereqs but you do need to take so many courses before you apply https://www.med.ualberta.ca/programs/md/admissions/applying/requirements
  2. Accepted (not waitlist I just haven't made an account until today) GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 30 ECs: Lots of coaching sports, hospital volunteering, undergrad research project, 4-H Year: Graduated 4 year Bsc- Zoology Geography: Rural IP Interview: Seemed to go okay Look forward to meeting you all!
  3. Hey guys, I'm a long-time observer but just made an account to actually make some replies. I was also accepted to U of A this year (yay!). I'm from Calgary and will be looking to move up there, I was wondering what are the communities around the university that you guys recommend? Anything that is ideally walking distance to class would be amazing!
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