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  1. Hey guys, Just wanted to say that if you don't get in this year, don't lose hope when it comes to applying to meds. This year I got in after my 3rd time being wait-listed. I have endured the stress you are feeling right now 3 times and during that time I wrote the MCAT twice, spent four years grinding in a research lab, and did more and more and more and more volunteering to make my application as strong as possible. There is no doubt I will be a better doctor for it too. If you never give up and keep working hard, it will come eventually. Best wishes, TCP
  2. Yeah I meant the Monday/Friday part. Thanks! Between the filling FB group and the fact I hadn't gotten a call on Friday I was beginning to get worried but this is a little bit reassuring. GL
  3. High wait list here. I got my hopes up all day and received nothing. Very discouraging...
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