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  1. Yeahhh, that doesnt sound like Colorado is considering us like OOS US. AFAIK no schools in US have separate tuition for international students...
  2. Oh no, I meant that I totally agree with you. There's no legal requirements for schools to declare correct statistics, so schools just do whatever the heck they want to do. Bad thing for us is that we have no clue if really choose to display us as OOS Americans or not (did you ask Colorado if they publish their data like that?). I'd assume most schools would show the Canadians as internationals in MSAR, even if they really love us.
  3. Serendi

    Help with US School List

    Try to see if you can get more clinical volunteering hours that's NOT abroad - some adcoms have a grudge against that and label it 'voluntourism', especially if it was a short term (ie. 1wk Caribbean / 1mo South America etc). Also, try to hit about 50 hours of shadowing. I think you have a good list - might try to add following: Saint Louis University, Maryland, Kentucky. Take out West Virginia. If you're going to add Emory as a reach, then I think you can also try adding Dartmouth, Stony Brook, Einstein. Good luck!
  4. Thats the tricky part. We are, lawfully, internationals, so schools like VCU report us as international statistics at MSAR despite the fact that they consider us on par as the OOS Americans. But then there's school like Northwestern where they say 0 international on MSAR but their website says 7 Internationals. Ugh.
  5. They do??? Thats surprising, I thought only Virginia schools do that. In any case, Colorado didn't admit internationals for like three years I think...I don't ever remember seeing any in MSAR, so that was my reasoning. Sure, schools can say whatever the heck they want, but without data to back them up I'd be reluctant to throw my hundred bucks in. Good luck!
  6. I'd say add in references now. By that I mean add in the contacts for your references - they don't actually have to upload them until whenever they want to. Just add the contacts and that should be enough for verification. You can always add more later.
  7. Serendi

    Chances at DO School?

    Awesome GPA...and yes, you're more than competitive for DOs. I'd also say the same for USMD. Try to get more shadowing and Local clinical volunteering (some people say Adcoms have stigma against abroad clinical volunteering) during this year as you apply.
  8. Thanks for your tag, and sorry, I was abroad - didnt have much internet access till now. Am I write in that you wrote MCAT 3 times? First (score not given in this post), 510, then 514? What was that first one? Obviously your GPA's superb, and your ECs are solid now. Your new clinical volunteering hours should help a lot, especially with all the essays that can come out of those. Make sure you have great secondary responses, good LORs, etc...usual stuffs. I recommend taking out Loma Linda (cmon man you know this), West Virginia (never int'l friendly), Colordao, East Tennessee. I understand you really wanting to apply to as many schools as possible, but these are just waste of money. Virginia (MCAT 519) and UCLA (MCAT 517) will be ultra reaches, too..also, absolutely try that DO route if you want this to be your last cycle. It's not too late for that. Good luck - routing for you.
  9. Serendi

    Need some advice

    You can take your prereqs during the year you apply, so yes, you can enroll in those this summer or fall/next spring and still be fine. Yes, you can enroll in any uni for those prerequisites. Your GPA's fantastic. MCAT is in a striking zone of many schools. EC seems to be a problem... how's your clinical volunteering/nonclinical volunteering? Will need an actual doctor shadowing for them to count.
  10. Serendi

    US Medical School Chances

    GPA is great and EC is OK (try to see if you can get shadowing). But that MCAT's going to kill your chances. Study hard and go for the third MCAT if you want to go for USMD. Good luck!
  11. Stated as accepting and actually accepting are two totally different things. Rutgers had 248 int apps & none interviewed. RWJ had 203 int apps & none interviewed. not friendly at all.
  12. Generally, faster the better. That being said, submitting with a better PS and a better application overall is always better than rushed submission. You can submit your primary by mid-June (ie. 15th) and you should still be in the early group. When you submit your primary application, AMCAS takes time to verify it (mostly your Transcript). It takes couple days for them to complete verification; if you submit it by mid-June, your primary should be verified by the first week of July. Then schools will start receiving your verified primaries and will start sending you secondaries, which for this year starts on 6/29. I don't recommend submitting your primary on July, as it can take AMCAS up to five weeks to verify your primary application. Let's say you submit your primary on July 1st and get it verified by, say, first week of August. Now, if you have everything ready by then - LORs, etc - and prewrite secondaries for those schools you're applying to, then you're still not late. Cutting close, but still not late. If your stats are impressive, it won't hurt. If it's mediocre, however, then it's always better to submit them early. Competition piles on as time goes. And get that LORs ready! Again, they should be in by the time you submit your secondaries to schools, since without them the application won't be marked 'complete' by schools and your app won't be reviewed. For reference, my last application cycle was like this: 6/17: Wrote MCAT 6/21: Submitted primaries 7/16: Primary verified 7/17: MCAT score received, started sending applications to schools 7/29: My US Undergrad's premed committee started releasing LORs End of July - middle of August: Secondaries submitted to schools and Apps marked complete August - December: IIs rolled in Hope that helps!
  13. Serendi


    USMDs need clinical experience. Wait...hospital volunteering is a clinical experience, but that 100hr is not enough, combined with no shadowing and below-par research experience. Any non-clinical? Statwise you're not bad, but with 508 already on your scoreboard and below average EC will make things super difficult. If you want to give it a shot, then I'll suggest you to take a year off to beef up your EC and then apply.
  14. Damn. I gotta marry an American pretty fast.
  15. You're right! Take note, other SUNYs (i'm looking at you Buffalo and Downstate) Kentucky, too. Although they're off the MSAR's 'accept Canadians' section this year