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  1. Serendi

    Interview Invites

    I got IIs from August to late December! Interviewed until January.
  2. Sounds pretty good. Try to get a lot more volunteering hours than what you have right now - I heard average for US students these days hover around 200hrs, and you'd probably want to exceed Americans in pretty much every criterion to get in. Tough process
  3. Serendi

    Deadline Time for AMCAS

    You're looking these up for fun right? Not to actually submit them today right? That'll be a massive massive waste of time money willpower and effort
  4. What's the definition of Low here? Keep in mind that even if a school's median MCAT may be low, as a Canadian you generally have to have higher stats than Americans to get in. Not to mention that these 'low-MCAT schools' usually receive tons of applications.
  5. Serendi

    Applying to US DO schools

    If you graduate from a US-DO schools, you'll be an AMG - just with a different citizenship status. It's still much, much easier to get a US residency than with an MD from Ireland/Caribbean. So essentially yes, same chances. Here's a summary: Ultra-competitive fields (Ortho, Derm, etc) - USMD can match (w/ tons of research and etc). USDO will have a very, very hard time to match here. Essentially zero chance for Carib/Ireland MD. Regular fields (everything else) - both USMD and USDO can match well here. Still hard time for Carib/Ireland MD.
  6. Serendi

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    Yeah. Ontario. They'll give out more for Ontario schools though.
  7. Serendi

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    according to OSAP estimate, just $7900CDN/Yr for loans with no grants. This might change once I stop friggin procrastinating and actually submit the application in..haha
  8. Serendi

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    Ontario really needs to step up. :(
  9. For the most part, disadvantaged even with these schools. But they are certainly better for Canadian students to apply to.
  10. Usually refers to schools that gets 10k+ apps/year. Most top-tier applicants add them for safeties/low-tier applicants add them for reaches. Hard enough for Americans to get into; even more difficult for Canadians.
  11. Serendi

    Paying for US med school tuition?

    There are schools that you can attend for less than 400k (might be tough with current exchange rate). There are schools that give out funding (grants/loans) to Canadians - Yale, JHU, Northwestern, Sinai, Harvard, Vandy, Duke, Dartmouth, Columbia(Free), NYU(Free) and so on. ofc there are no guarantee that you can get into these as they tend to be one of the most difficult schools to get into. I'll use myself as an example. My school's total cost will be ~450k incl. tuition, housing, etc. I'll be getting ~160k from school grant, ~200k from CIBC loan, ~30k from OSAP, which leaves ~60k for family contribution. My family's definitely down there in the SES scale so this wouldn't have been possible without that grant, and getting loan took a while too. It's doable, but tough.
  12. US schools love URMs (Puerto Ricans) especially if you can demonstrate the language skills. I think you can aim higher with your status - at least that's what applies to URM Americans. I think you can add schools like: Tulane, VCU, GW, SUNY-Upstate, Maryland, SLU, Georgetown, Jefferson, Stony Brook, Dartmouth, Emory, Einstein. If you have the ca$h, throw in apps to Pitts, Mayo, UCLA, Case, Boston, Cornell and such. Maybe Puerto Rico schools as well. Take out these schools if you hadnt finished their secondaries: Louisville, Loma Linda (unless you're a devout, devout Christian/SDA), UC Davis. Finishing secondaries by the end of this month should be fine. Good luck!
  13. Serendi

    NYU to make medical school free

    It was already a freakishly hard school to get into thanks to super-high MCAT (last reported median of 521), super high GPA, being in New York, smallish class size, etc. Esp more so for internationals/Canadians. It's not like Columbia became any harder to get in after its Vagelos announcement.
  14. You're a Canadian by citizenship but is Cuban/Puerto Rican and Russian, right? Your stats/ECs are fantastic. Great shadowing, clinical, nice GPA, ok MCAT (for a Canadian) - I think you can throw in couple more reach schools? Not Tennessee though, I don't think they actually take internationals.