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  1. Yep same here. Probably more, I don’t think all of them would contact me to let me know.
  2. Not me. I submitted approx a week before the deadline. I’ve had more verifiers contacted then ever before, not sure what to think about that!
  3. Happened to me today. I was pretty specific too, or so I thought. Weird because I’ve never been contacted in my previous four apps. Oh well hopefully it’s nothing.
  4. Yes you can send electronic only as long As it is an official transcript and sent Directly from your registrars office to the email indicated in the help guide. I don’t think you’d need hard copy in that case.
  5. I asked UBC about this a couple years ago when I noted a small discrepancy, and they said they don't typically look at past applications, but that I could email them to clarify if I wanted to.
  6. Hi folks, Apologies if this has been discussed in previous threads. I noticed a lot of people stating that they have put hobbies under their NAQ section. I have always been a little worried about this because many of my hobbies don't have major or formal accomplishments associated with them. For that reason, I am unable to include an organization or website, or a verifier who isn't a family member or friend. Just wondering, do most people only put hobbies where they've demonstrated some sort of accomplishment, or is it reasonable to put things like playing instruments just for fun, for which I wouldn't really be able to put any concrete evidence like a website. Can anyone give some strategies on how to give some evidence to these types of experiences - for example, link to a video of you playing the instrument? Thank you
  7. Thank you! Did you also aim to have your most recent experiences in the leadership, capacity, and service ethic sections? I’m an older applicant and struggling between putting old activities that fit under those sections vs. recent activities that may not fit as well.
  8. Hi folks, Just wondering, for organizations that are not done with a formal organization, or if there are multiple organizations, is it appropriate to state "n/a" for the organization section? The Help Guide does discuss use of n/a for some sections like website, but not for organization. Just wondering how people have handled this? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi everyone, I have been perusing these forums for a pretty long time, and have found them extremely helpful in the past. I applied four times to UBC, got an interview my third attempt and made it to the waitlist but never got off. The fourth time I applied I did not get an interview and got quite discouraged after that - I was surprised to see my NAQ go down after adding more experiences. My last application was 2018/19 cycle. I have had a bit of a change of heart and am thinking of re-applying, but I would like to cast a wider net. Part of the reason I only applied to UBC was because I did not take a full course load (due to work and long commute), also I have IP status. I'm feeling a bit rusty, so I thought I would reach out and post my stats here since I feel a little out of touch with the current application processes for schools outside of BC. I'm currently in the process of researching the various admission pages, but was hoping to get some feedback on this forum. IP in BC Graduated with MSc UBC GPA (adjusted): 84.6% (includes graduate school grades) UBC GPA (umulative, undergrad only): 81% OMSAS (last two years): 3.49 (doesn't include graduate school grades) ** OMSAS (cumulative): 3.47 ** ** I'm not entirely sure if I calculated my OMSAS GPA correctly, and I have included summer courses MCAT: 127/127/128/129 - 511 ECs: I have several diverse volunteer experiences and hobbies. I would say my work experience is the strongest, with the last five years being diverse and showing leadership and technical skill My GPA and the fact that I didn't take a full course load is definitely a huge drawback for my application, but I figured with schools like Queens that make some exceptions for Graduate students there may be some hope. Thank you in advance!
  10. Late post, but thought I would in case it helps anyone. Interview Invite or Regrets: RegretsEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularGPA or AGPA (if applicable): 84 - 85%MCAT: 511 Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): MSc completeGeography (IP/OOP): IP Extracurricular Activities: Pretty diverse. Five long-term commitments, both past and present (200+ hours) in research, community service, school club. Numerous shorter term commitments (<100 hours) in various capacities. Music, proficient in a couple languages, one travel experience, a couple unstructured activities like hobbies but not much. Non-trad applicant so quite a few jobs, including career jobs in my field of study. No high performance or major awards, but all other categories were filled. Last application got me an interview and waitlisted, I'm sure largely due to my NAQ. Saw a pretty big drop this time despite adding hours and new activities. Made a major effort to write clearly and solely focus on what I did, rather than what I learned. Likely my last application after four cycles, but who knows! congrats to those who got invited!
  11. Surprised bc my application was significantly better than when I applied and got an interview and waitlisted
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