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  1. Both of mine were employers too
  2. Excerpt below is from a 2014 blog post by UBC. If that still holds true then anyone who receives the full file review will have a verifier(s) contacted. This post was from late October, and from another part of the post, they stated that they hadn’t completed all file reviews yet, so not everyone would have had a verifier contacted yet. I don’t think we can make any conclusions based on timing/number of verifier contact. 3) How many verifiers do you check and why? We check at least one verifier (usually more) for every applicant who receives a full file review. Sometimes we check a few, sometimes we check them all. We contact them either via email or phone. Verifiers are checked both randomly and for specific reasons. This is an integral component of our evaluation process. It helps to ensure that what you have written is an accurate reflection of your experiences.
  3. I think it is a good thing. In the past, when I hadn’t heard back from verifiers, I didn’t get an interview. When I heard from verifiers, I got an interview
  4. Good to know. Mine haven’t been contacted but some of mine weren’t contacted until November last time so I’m not sure what to think.
  5. Has anyone else heard that their verifiers were contacted?
  6. PeanutButter1

    How does UBC verify?

    I called and asked about using the same verifier. That is totally fine. They just mean don’t use a verifier to verify a bunch of unrelated activities. For instance, a verifier shouldn’t be validating a volunteer experience, work experience and hobby ... that wouldn’t make sense. It’s fine as long as it makes sense. also I’m pretty certain all they ask the verifier to do is press a button to validate (or not) everything you’ve written for that entry.
  7. PeanutButter1

    Question about Verifiers

    I have used co-workers in the past, because I couldn't find a retired supervisor. I would prefer to include it rather than omit it. I did get an interview and got waitlisted, so I'm not sure if it is necessarily a red-flag? Are you supposed to put "supervisor" or "co-worker" in the job title field for the verifier? I mean if you just put their actual job title, which is what I thought you do, would they even know if the person was a co-worker or supervisor? I actually indicated in the clarifications box that I had to put a colleague instead of a supervisor and gave the reason, but not sure if that is necessary?
  8. From the help guide: Do not combine activities with different verifiers, unless the one verifier can confirm both activities and the activities were conducted at the same institution.
  9. PeanutButter1

    Employment: Total Hours

    Read the help guide for the employment section. It clarifies how to express hours.
  10. Hi all, I've seen some conflicting posts in this forum about getting BC residency. I understand you have to get a BC services card, but some posts say you need to live in BC for six months while on the MSP website it says the balance of the month in which you arrive plus 2 months... which makes it seem like a maximum of 3 months. Anyone know why there's several posts indicating it is 6 months instead of 3? Thanks!
  11. Does anyone know what the TFR score was to get an interview this year?
  12. PeanutButter1

    Advice on Chances at Mac

    Could you possibly share your CARS score? Thanks for the input!
  13. PeanutButter1

    Advice on Chances at Mac

    Thank you!!!
  14. PeanutButter1

    Advice on Chances at Mac

    Unfortunately I never took a full course load through university, so I'm sort of stuck with only applying to schools like Mac. I pretty much need to cater my application to the school, in which case I guess it would be advisable to re take CARS?