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  1. Not everyone is that lucky unfortunately... My federal and provincial loans total $18,000 which doesn't even cover half of my tuition and fees. LOC is a must for some people
  2. I didn't complete my immunizations (although I am sure it wouldn't hurt), but I had already taken a CPR course for something else that was applicable. And no, I didn't hear anything from them after I received the letter that I had been waitlisted
  3. It is hard to say honestly... I did rewrite the Dat, but only because it had expired since I wrote it 2 years ago and I received pretty much the same scores on it. I interviewed again so maybe I had a higher interview score this year? I wish I could be of more help but I am really not sure what made the difference. I did not retake any courses. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you hear some good news soon!
  4. Thank you! IP GPA: 4.15 DAT: RC 23 AA 22 PAT 22 Interview: Unsure of score but it went really well To prepare I bought the blue Kaplan DAT prep book and a book specifically to help prepare for the PAT section (The Gold Standard)
  5. I was waitlisted last year and was in the same position as you... very frustrating. They never released any info to me about position or how many were on waitlist. I still have no idea how many they accepted off waitlist. Good luck to you and I hope you receive good news!!
  6. Has anyone received an actual letter in the mail yet? I have been waiting for that and its driving me crazy....
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