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  1. Hey everyone! I'm currently going into my third year at McMaster and have yet to take a biochemistry course - which some of the potential med schools I'm looking into specify needing. Many of my peers have taken Biochem 2EE3 but due to another required course and limited course listings, I cannot take it due to a conflict. Instead, I am considering Biochem 3G03 as an alternative. Both courses (according to course reviews) cover different material. To my fellow Marauders or Alumni who have gone on to pursue medicine, is either course particularly more beneficial or liked/needed by Med Schools? Or would either suffice? I think the general requirement of a 'biochemistry course' without further specification is leaving me double minded as to what kind of course exactly, since so many are offered under the subject. Any insight is greatly appreciated, as academic advising is a little hard to get ahold of during the summer. Thanks a lot!
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