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    Anyone in MD/MSc?

    None of them go on here, PM me your questions and I'll ask them for you
  2. He's partially right, we'll tell you guys about it during O Week or just message me
  3. This does put a smile on my face Never understood how people have 48 entries
  4. I haven't had a chance to use it in a class/studying situation yet because it's summer, but just for you (and also me because I'm curious) let's do a test and find out. I wrote the word "sauna" and progressively kept writing it faster and faster so that my handwriting would get worse. I started at normal speed and kept getting faster until I got to my limit of how fast I can physically write. I wrote the word "jelly beans" as a negative control for the OCR and typed "sauna" as a positive control for the search. Before running the search, I hypothesized that it would recognize all of them but the last line (that last a looks more like a c lmao). Here are the results: It recognized all of them!! Does that mean searches will give you more false positives? Not sure and I'm too tired at this point to find out (my final notes end up in OneNote anyway so it probably doesn't matter), but hope this helps
  5. sna

    Med YouTubers

    I'm probs starting one this Fall
  6. I guess just paying more attention in class would've saved me a lot of time later on I was on premed101 in class during acceptance day and people were roasting me
  7. See this post. This will depend a lot on your background/what type of stuff you're more or less comfortable with as well as the course. For stuff you've never seen before, Queen's already has a great system in place that will make your life (and studying) really easy: 1. DIL (interactive online module to introduce the topic to you and cover everything you need to know, this is scheduled into your weekly schedule). Sometimes it will be a DIL+Quiz for you to see if your independent review of the material was effective. 2. Lecture (to help reinforce what you covered in the DIL, there is a lot more of these in first semester as a lot of the topics are brand new for most people). 3. SGL (to apply the DIL+lecture information in your small group to cases and for you to see if you actually know the material well). In 2nd semester (and 2nd half of 2nd semester especially) it will transition to mainly DIL --> SGL (without a need for the lecture component). 4. Review (there will be reviews usually close to the test dates to help sharpen your focus on what you should know) 5. Peer Support (we all pool our resources together so I will usually go through 1-2 of my classmates' notes to make sure I didn't miss anything. People also make Quizlet flashcards which can be pretty helpful to go through. Honestly if you go through all these steps and put in a reasonable amount of effort in each, I've found that there is no need to study that much (maybe read over the notes 1-2 times before a test?). The only time I've had to study for reals is when I didn't pay attention in class or if I half assed the DIL. Or during finals because that's just what you do during finals.
  8. Yeah typically just IPP unless I plan on hitting up a study room/library after class to get some studying/work done.
  9. Yeah anything works, it comes down to personal preference. There's a lot of people in my class who have this set up as well and we all have different laptops. I would wait until Monday though! As others said, there will likely be new iPads announced at WWDC Edit: Notability just got OCR recently (and some other useful features)
  10. sna

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Congrats @Egg_McMuffin! Looks like there's gonna be in increase in QMed representation on here now
  11. sna

    Queens or UofT MAM

    This is true for every school, like.. our curriculum gets improved every year too so the current (highest in the country) match rates aren't representative either. Every school is always looking to improve, not just U of T. This isn't limited to Toronto. Med school is about learning the basics so no med student is going to be doing ground-breaking research in the academic year anyway. In the summer, we all have the option of doing research in Toronto, and even bigger academic centres than Toronto (ie some of my classmates are doing research at Harvard this summer) - this isn't limited to Toronto students only. Then explain how 10 of us got into your class photo at OMSW 72% pass, 100 page notes for an exam, every 2 weeks. Good luck trying to relax lol. Except we have a higher proportion matching to Toronto, 59% vs. 52%. Yeah and Kingston is pretty much the Miami of Canada How does that matter? It pretty much only comes into play if you're applying for residency in the US, in which case you're better off going to a U.S. school in the first place. First, those numbers are wrong, it was 70 declined offers last year, not 100 (and looking even more popular this year). Second, this is a classic example of the appeal to popular opinion fallacy. And third, how does it matter?
  12. They went with CMA's 150th anniversary rather than Canada's lol
  13. sna

    Working while at Qmed

    I worked part time, wouldn’t recommend (especially because my hours were pretty flexible too). Though I was also heavily involved in a shit ton of other stuff as well, so I guess you just have to pick your battles. Out of academics, ECs, work, social life, health/sleep, one must go. For me, it was the latter.
  14. sna

    Queens or UofT MAM

    No, there hasn't been a specialty we couldn't shadow because it's not available. I actually think observerships would be better here, because you're scrubbed in right at the table rather having to look over 5-6 people in the OR and in clinic you'll be more involved (depends who you're with, but in most of my observerships I've taken histories/done physical exams and reported to the resident/attending). Not sure if other places will let 1st year med students do that (maybe Mac?), but our clinical skills curriculum is amazing so they trust us. It also helps that 95% of the practicing clinicians are also profs, so they know exactly what we know and what level we're at. I actually think this is part of the reason Queens' match rate is consistently so high/the highest, we are pretty involved right from first year.
  15. sna

    Queens or UofT MAM

    LOOOL, my class has actually been upset that there hasn't been enough lectures recently We've averaged 4-5 hours of lecture per week this term. The highest we've had was 8 hours of lecture in one week and that was the first week of the term when all the courses had their "intro" lectures. In comparison, there's about 15-18 hours of small group stuff (including case-based learning/facilitated small group learning/clinical skills). Our medical building itself was designed for small group learning and even the lecture halls have been designed to accommodate breaking out into small groups. Pretty much
  16. Correction: we have sapphire blue This is a very important distinction!
  17. sna

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Congrats everyone who got in today! The upper years have our final exams currently but I can make myself available if you have any questions Support, and some people who received offers today also received offers from other schools who they were on the waitlist for. There's still hope fam! I know how hard it is at this point, but historically a decent chunk of offers are still made over the next few weeks.
  18. sna

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    Mine switched a couple times too
  19. That's the benefit of using Notability + OneNote combo. Notability will automatically create PDFs of every note and back it up on a cloud service of your choosing (I use Google drive because we get unlimited storage on the QMed drive). 12.9 inch, only because it's much better for multi-tasking if you want to have 2-3 apps open at the same time, and there isn't that much difference in portability imo
  20. I've tried both and found that the iPad Pro has better hardware (Apple Pencil, longer battery, better display) and software (Notability, and although the surface has desktop Microsoft office with full features, I prefer the simpler mobile versions). With the iPad Pro, I was torn between using Notability vs OneNote. Notability has superior annotation, functional auto-sync to pdf, OneNote has better organization, infinite scroll in both x and y planes. So rather than choosing a compromise, I've ended up using both: Notability for in-class notes and OneNote for studying. Let me demonstrate what that looks like: Downloading the pdf/lecture file is easier on iPad (vs laptops) because you open it in the browser and tap "Open in Notability". This iniates multiple steps at once; it downloads the file, opens it in Notability, creates a pdf back-up in google drive that gets updated in real time as you take notes. All with one click. After class you get this: Then after class, you just tap the share button on the top left corner and with one tap save it in OneNote. Later when you're studying, you'll have room the ability to add additional subpages if necessary (Notability doesn't have this, see example below) and make additional comments/add resources on the side (see example below). You can also still annotate further: This system has worked beautifully for me so far. Let me know if you have any questions!
  21. sna

    Queen's or UofT Med?

    Damn we getting grilled out here!! Haha. Please allow me to provide the QMed perspective We were just recently at Game 1 against Cleveland which was on a Tuesday I believe (with regular 8:30 class the next morning). Most of us are from the GTA so we chill there quite frequently (also let's be real, nothing can get in the way of my Chipotle addiction, not even a 2 hour drive). We are also closer than you guys to Ottawa and Montreal (they've got some pretty cool stuff as well that Toronto doesn't), and we've been on trips to Philly/New York. Every school has a good, close-knit community (or 4 in this case), nobody is denying that. Queen's is just on steroids! We take over entire restaurants, movie theatres, and dance floors on a weekly basis. I invited people to my 2-bedroom apartment before O-week and literally the entire class showed up. And that was before we had even met each other (though we've had a 100 person facebook group chat since May so it didn't feel like that). It was hard for me to imagine living in Kingston for four years as well, but Company > Location; I'd rather chill on a couch doing nothing with my homies than travel the world or some shit with people I don't know as well. LOL, I'll leave it up to OP to determine the degree of bias in this post
  22. First and foremost, congratulations on being accepted to medical school! The QMed community is so excited to welcome you Here is the link to our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2010017375903632/