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  1. How bad it is to get 3 out 5 for the interview?
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the cut off gpa is for getting an interview at UofT with a masters degree? Also I was wondering if they take into consideration if there is an upward trend in GPA? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you for the response. That is actually the case, I dont think that I have the sufficient funding for the US, and Ireland. However, if I dont see a chance getting into candian school after doing my 5th year and a master program, why wasting two years of studying. in that case I can take a two years off and work and save some money for either Ireland or US.
  4. Hi, I really appreciate if anyone can give me some tips regarding to my path to dental school, I finished my 4th year at UOFT, I struggled during my first and second year, however, I improved semester by semester and my gap was at 2.63 in my first year, 3.26 in second year, 3.73 in third year, and 3.90 in my final year, adding all together my cGPA is at 3.42. My percentage average for the last two years of full course load is at 83.6 which is not a competitive average for UWO. I was wondering what are my chances for either ireland or US dental school? Also I was wondering if there is a chance for me in Canada, if I go for the fifth year, and then do a 1-year master degree. I am really confused about what is right to do, and if I should consider other careers instead of dentistry. I would really appreciate your help
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