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  1. Congratz to those receiving UBC Med interviews and those finishing their Dal & MUN interviews!! Fingers crossed for those still waiting for other Med, Dent, and Pharm interviews in the new years! Feel free to reach out to me for help on the UBC Med or other interviews to come Happy holidays everyone!
  2. Thanks to those who have reached out thus far! For those still considering, I am still able to help out a few more people before I begin my next year of med school! Message me for that last little push!!
  3. Hey everyone, It is that time of year again and I am happy to help with the Application Review or Exam Preparation!! Feel free to send me a message to learn more about my comprehensive service to help you with your journey into your dream school!
  4. You are correct, the instructions do not make sense/do not work. I called IT for them to explain it. I did it last week so hopefully my memory serves me correctly. Here is how you to it. 1. You need to first make a CWL (https://activate.id.ubc.ca/iamweb/). 2. Go through the steps until you reach password. Your password is your birthday (format YYMMDD).
  5. Dear Prospective Student, I am currently a medical student in Canada (UBC) and have been extremely successful and have been offered admission to Canadian medical, dental, and pharmacy programs (both as an In-Province and Out-of-Province applicant to various programs) and their respective MCAT, DAT, and PCAT. I am offering interview preparation (MMI, Panel, Traditional), CASPer (I score in the 90% percentile), Application Review, and exam preparation for $60/hour. Interview Preparation ($60/h) I have interviewed at various Canadian medical, dental, and pharmacy programs as an In-Province and Out-of-Province applicant and have seen success in all. I personally have interviewed at several Canadian medical schools and slowly improved. On the most recent application cycle, I applied to all of these other programs and was offered admission to many. We can tailor this example preparation schedule to your preferences, but this one example approach that some of my past students have found helpful: We will go through principles and foundational elements that allowed me to be successful in a traditional interview, panel, or MMI station We will go through the process and the types of stations (acting, ethical, logic, current events, personal experiences, etc) that you may encounter to best prepare you for these interviews I will go through your CV or application so I can best understand how to capture your personal strengths and experiences in the form of the interview answers We will go through sample stations or questions and I will provide detailed criticism to help you understand how you can improve. We will go advice for the weeks leading up to and on the day of the interview to ensure you do not have any unexpected issues during the day and so you are most mentally ready to go through it. CASPer Preparation ($60/h) I know this exam feels like a black box, but I have become quite familiar with this exam over the years. I personally wrote it 3 times and on the most recent application cycle (in which I was offered admission to Canadian Medical and Dental programs), I was informed that I scored in the 90% percentile on the CASPer. There are a variety of methods to improve your score or ensure a strong CASPer performance. I can help you with 1-on-1 tutoring to teach the foundations you need to employ on the exam before we get into practice stations, which I will critique you on. I personally practiced multiple weeks leading up to the exam, but even a few weeks of practice with me should be able to help you increase to a high percentile score. Once we have a few sessions you should be able to autonomously practice and improve, but I am happy to help you more thoroughly if you wish! Application Review ($60/h) I can help with your application to any school/program. For first time applicants, writing strong descriptions for your extra-curricular activities and accomplishments (awards, volunteer, employment, research, hobbies, personal experiences) is the main component that sets you aside from other applicants. With my help, I will highlight your accomplishments and involvement so your application will standout and schools will see you in the best possible light. I have scored extremely high on my written applications – For example, I scored top 5 of all OOP applicants (out of ~900 applicants across Canada) at McGill MD solely based on extra-curricular activities. I am unique over other reviewers because I progressively perfected my ability to write the applications over three years of applications at Canadian MD schools and one year of applications to Canadian dental and pharmacy schools. Exam Tutoring ($60/h) I have also successfully written the MCAT (130 P/C, B/B, P/S; 97% percentile), DAT (22AA, 23PAT; 94-99% percentile), and PCAT (99% composite percentile). Using my background with an MSc in biochemistry, TA experience at UofT, and classroom and 1-on-1 teaching experience, I am happy to work with you 1-on-1 to: 1. Teach content and develop strategies for the sciences in any of these tests, and/or 2. Teach content and develop strategies for DAT PAT, and/or 3. Teach useful exam taking strategies to maximize your score, and/or 4. Develop a study schedule for your specific needs (based on your research, volunteer, work, personal commitments, etc.) for the summer or test study period. For the MCAT, I have gone through the exam multiple times and was able to progressively improve my score. My unique experience of true improvement is something most tutors do not have. This will highly benefit your studying needs and schedule since I have gone through and know the challenges of the exam and studying for each section. As well, because of my experiences of writing the exam while completing summer research projects, working, and volunteering, I am well versed with the need for time management and will help you develop a specialized study schedule for you based on the demands of your work, research, or volunteer roles. For the DAT and PCAT, I am also able to help teach you the foundations of science and DAT PAT, while also integrating useful tips for the best possible outcome of your exam (ie: manage your exam pace, navigating passages, pre-exam strategies, etc). My experience of writing these exams while working, researching, volunteering, and in class, will also allow me to develop a practical study schedule for you if you are writing your exam during a busy time of the year (ie: during the school year). We can meet in person in or via Skype if you’re located anywhere else. Feel free to message me about my very competitive rates, meeting locations, or how I can help you.
  6. Hi, I am selling my Brand New Doing Right 3rd Edition. I am in the Vancouver area. Please DM/PM me for details with an offer.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know when the UBC Dental Interview Weekend is? Does it take place Feb 17/18?
  8. Yeah, that's right. When you first open the pdf page, it is Feb 2017. Once you refresh the pdf page (https://www.cda-adc.ca/_files/becoming/dat/student_access/DAT-Score-Scale.pdf), it should magically change to the Nov 2017 scaled score.
  9. I reviewed the Kaplan book quickly but did all 10 Biology tests in the DAT Bootcamp. I scored 27, which is likely more attributed to my MSc.
  10. Thanks for the responses. How much of a boost does a Master's give? or is that unknown?
  11. Hi, I was also curious about the first question. Does anyone know if the UBC DAT stat is an average of AA+PAT, just AA, or some other combination? Thanks!
  12. Hi, I have 2 questions I cannot find the answer to online or on this forum. Does anyone know if the UofT admission stats are published or known for the recent years (or last year)? GPA average and DAT? Do they have cut-offs of sub-sections or do they just look at PAT and AA? Does anyone know how UofT will "advantage" someone who has completed their MSc? I hear there is some kind of GPA boost that previous or current grad students get. Thanks!
  13. For those who would like to improve on PAT, this resource was good enough for me to score 23 PAT!
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