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  1. Thanks so much for your response! Definitely made me more hopeful Are you able to say which American schools you interviewed at? Or better yet, which ones you were accepted at? I know that applicants often like to keep these facts concealed, so no worries if you've got no comment. Best of luck with the Canadian cycle! I'm sure with that MCAT and GPA you'll get some love.
  2. I've also been wondering why my chances are only "decent" as well. But yes, I figure it's because of my unbalanced MCAT, my ORM status (I think?), and the fact that I'm a Canadian applicant. I'm pretty optimistic about this cycle though .... after perusing many different forums and looking at accepted international applicants, I can't see 20 different schools passing on similar stats, degrees, research, and EC's. But I definitely, 100% could be wrong. And I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. By the way, my GPA is for a combined degree in Arts and Science, not eng. I'm not that bad ass. Wish I was, though. Thanks for your response! Hopefully we get some insight.
  3. Amazing! Thanks for responding. Yeah, I'll definitely apply Canadian, as well. Do you by any chance know how it would work if I were to matriculate to a USMD school this fall/winter and I accepted that, but I got accepted to a Canadian school the spring afterwards? Like, could I just retract my american acceptance, or are there mechanisms in place that notify Canadian schools once I've accepted one in the US. (And obviously this is like, the best possible scenario and very likely to not happen) Super convoluted question, but I think you get my drift.
  4. Wondering if @JohnGrisham or @bearpuppy can comment! I'm a newbie and don't know how to actually tag people, so I'm just hoping they see this. I've learned through expert lurking that you both often impart great wisdom.
  5. Bump. Looking for a little more insight re: chances!! (And I don't really think writing a 95th percentile MCAT score is smart, especially since I'm not deadset on Canada).
  6. Hi all! Thanks in advance for your time reading this post - duly appreciated. Just wondering what my chances are at USMD (I'm totally open to DO, I've just heard my stats are more appropriate for MD). MCAT (score/percentile): 516 (95th)// 131(99th)/125(62nd)/129(92nd)/131(99th) cGPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.9 (4.0 with AAMCAS conversion) Background: Caucasian female, 24 yrs old, Education: Honours B.A.Sc with thesis - nephrology research (2 published papers; neither 1st author) -Course-based MSc in Global Health, specialization in global diseases. (one 1st author should be published in the fall; 1 op.ed. paper published in school Graduate journal - not even sure if that's worth stating). -studied abroad in my 3rd year of undergrad (in Belgium) ECs: Clincial: 3 months clinical and surgical shadowing numerous specialities in Angola, Africa (600+ hours); volunteer medical first responder for 2 years - was just promoted to Sergeant of Training for the medical first response division (read: leadership, progression, etc) Non-clinical: Graduate advisory committee, Various humanitarian initiatives Miscellaneous: attended two week mandatory field symposium in India for MSc program where I conducted (brief) field research and constructed grant proposals Employment: -currently researching health systems strengthening in Uganda - was hired on by my PI from my masters placement; Seminar presentations of my research at workshops conducted in Uganda and Canada -pre-thesis (undergrad) employment in the nephrology wetlab I did my thesis in (westerns, IHC, IF, cell culture, etc) -various student jobs (i.e. waitressing, summer parks, etc) Current List of Schools (after consulting MSAR) -George Washington -New York Med College -Rosalind Franklin -Oakland Beaumont -Sidney Kimmel (Thomas Jefferson) -Dartmouth -Boston -Case Western -Stony Brook -Wayne State -Michigan State -St Louis -Maryland -Virginia Commonwealth -Northwestern Reach Schools -Cornell -Duke -Uni of Virginia SOM I'll be applying to 7 Non-Ontario Canadian schools as well, but I really don't have high hopes. They generally only let 6-10 out-of-province students (aka me) in. And my CARS would need to be 129+ Thank you thank you thank you!
  7. Hello! First of all, ThAnK yOuUuUu to any kind soul willing to help me with what currently seems to be the most stress-inducing, ambiguous and utterly frustrating process of my life thus far. I'm an MSc student from Ontario who's just been rejected (for the second time) from the couple schools I decided to apply to in my own province. I know that only applying to two or three schools each round is definitely not the way to play my odds, but I lacked the confidence, time and money to apply broadly across both Canada and the US. Hopefully, this third and final time, this story will be different. I'm just wondering if, given the brief description of myself below, I have a chance at USMD schools? I know that I could easily do DO schools, but I'm hesitant given the material I've read and my aspirations to specialize in something beyond primary care. GPA: Undergrad (BASc with significant cell bio emphasis) = 3.83, Graduate (MSc) = all 'A+' so far, one 'A', expected to graduate in November. MCAT: 127/125/129/130 (it's the low verbal that killed me in Canada, I think) ECs + other accomplishments: (listed are just my more relevant...) two years research experience with two pubs (not first author), honour role + financial scholarship for grades each year of undergrad, 3 months of clinical and surgical shadowing in Angola Africa, 1 year volunteer medical aide, on a couple of committees in grad school, 1 summer volunteer health care coordinator at summer camp, 1.5 years receptionist at a law office, tutoring, studied abroad during undergrad and received a travel scholarship of $2500 to do so, (some others, but my brain is mush after this final rejection letter...) References: I had the physician/clinical researcher I worked with during undergrad write one, and the two surgeons I shadowed in Angola write the other two Baaasically, I'm just wondering i) WhAt ArE mY cHaNcEs @ MD iN tHe UsA? and ii) I'm oblivious to how American medical schools are tiered/ranked/whatever, and yes I will do my research do not fret, but if you have any suggestions of Canadian-friendly medical schools to start me off down this path, I'm down to hear about 'em. Again, thank you kind soul. May the universe reward you.
  8. Hey guys! If someone wants to give me their name, I can set up a facebook group for our class. I just tried to make one, but it asked for another member.
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