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  1. lol in a few months we'll see another post titled "PSA: faking accents = med school admission" You've got this bro
  2. Dare to do what few have even dreamed of!
  3. trimethoprim

    February 1 Transcript

    lol no one but the admissions committee knows. Would you believe me if I said 11:00am on Feb 1?
  4. I would just ask your post doc to give you the letter of reference. Just explain the situation to them and ask if they are comfortable or willing to provide a letter of reference for you. There is no reason why your PI would or should ever know about this. In the event you don't get in, the PI would be none the wiser. No harm, no foul.
  5. trimethoprim

    2017 Admission Statistics

    probably just a change in selection criteria. Less emphasis on GPA, more on EC + various interviews
  6. Can confirm that it's a black box. No one outside the admissions committee knows anything.
  7. they consider both courses equally
  8. trimethoprim

    2017 Backpack?

    @Sanctaphrax could you please post the link to Calgary unveiling video? Thanks! NVM i see it above
  9. trimethoprim

    2017 Backpack?

  10. trimethoprim

    2017 Backpack?

    Hey, at least it's not pink lol
  11. trimethoprim

    2017 Backpack Colour Vote is Live!

    some people may genuinely want pink, but I think the majority of voters are upper years or non medical students who are simply trolling us
  12. trimethoprim

    LOC Research 2017

    Thank you!