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  1. Hi, I am an IMG, I've never heard anybody to talk about CQB for QE2 preparation, I think it could be a waste of time. I've got a handout for QE2 exam preparation, and I feel it's useful. I do not have its digital format, however I can share with you some pictures taken from that and you could probably look for its digital format. Cheers
  2. Hi I got a quetion, I would appreciate for any input. Please let me know whether residents mostly take the qe2 in fall or spring. Thnx.
  3. Think I have done the CDM part well but I have failed because of poor MCQ part, why do I need take the CDM part again? ...
  4. I am wondering why I cannot upload any picture for my profile!!!
  5. You don't need to be aware of guidelines other than Canadian accepted. For me the problem is: do they ( MCC exam designers) use those guidelines as some of exam sources or not? Because they have not mentioned anything in their reference books and study materials in their website I wrote to them about this and I am waiting for their answer in this regard. About Toronto Notes, it is only notes, not anything else. It would be helpful when you have a general basic knowledge that comes during being as a student in the university not just by reading a compacted book (TN) for 2 or 3 months.
  6. Brilliant! Thank you so much for your attention and your time.
  7. Dear guys, Would you please give here a brief explanation about the " buy-in " in this phrase: •The most important step in prescription of antihypertensive therapy is achieving patient “buy-in” The source is: https://www.hypertension.ca/en/chep 2015 CHEP Recommendations Publication Thank you.
  8. Hoowin

    Summer 2015

  9. "Canadian taskforce guidelines are usually what we should know." - samy Thank you dear samy.
  10. Hi everyone, would you please provide any answer to this question? CTFPHC Guidelines say that:for example about Breast canser screening For women aged 70–74 we recommend routinely screening with mammography every 2 to 3 years. (Weak recommendation; low quality evidence) What's the meaning of Weak recommendation; low quality evidence? Is this important to know in practice ? Is the information of this website important to study for exam? Thank you so much in advance
  11. Dermatology residency can be the best option for those who like to have a nice day after a night shift.
  12. "How can we care our patients, man, if nobody cares for us?" -Chuck The house of god Right now I am reading The Secret Language of Doctors. It helps me to learn more about the system.
  13. Thank you for the response. According what they have said in their website they changed the previous style of comparing candidates with each other, they are going to give the results in basis of comparing them with the pass score. I think this is the reason for their delay about releasing the feedback report. Speaking about CDM part score, I think even getting full score of CDM part, say that 225 or 237.5 does not guarantee the acceptance, because they consider 1/4 of the final score to be from CDM part (in my opinion). In other words only 1/4 of final score would be from CDM section, what ever the final score is. I am not familiar with adoptive electronic exams, do you think that the amount of the time that I put on a question affects the outcome of the next block? In other words does the computer think that the question is hard for you and gives you harder set of questions or easier set of questions? Thanks for any clarification that comes in this regard.
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