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  1. You're welcome. Relax, live your life, and trust things will work out
  2. I applied with a GPA in the low 3.8s. Certainly possible, but need to be more competitive in the other components of the application.
  3. Hi Albert, Don't want to frighten you, but I remember hard copy submissions. But, I think I was behind too. And I frigging drove it to the office. That might still be a possibility. Good luck. Obviously confirm you still need hard copies
  4. Depending how my explanation essay was applied, my GPA was roughly 3.7, with a qualifying mcat and good ECs. I don't know if its right to say that 3.5, especially as a grad student, is not going to happen, with exceptional and distinguishing ECs. Just temper expectations.
  5. Certainly possible to get invited for interview and get accepted. I applied as an undergrad and was accepted with a GPA of under 3.8. It's certainly less likely than having a 4.0. If you can afford the application cost without much burden, apply.
  6. For sure! I scored very poorly my first calgary interview and next year did much better.
  7. Hi, I believe you are underestimating the weighting by half. 3 courses is 3 full courses, or 6 semester courses. Also many people, like myself apply after 4th year. Thats 4 full courses, or just shy of 1 full year. Thats a lot. My wGPA was still pretty crappy but was an improvement of more than 0.3 over my cumulative GPA.
  8. Result: Accepted to St. George Time Stamp: May 10, 2016 Interview Date: April 10 wGPA: 3.82 MCAT: above cut-offs ECs: Wide-ranging. PM if interested Essays: A little scattered, took some liberties with the question asked, and assumed a couple controversial interpretations Interview: Felt OK: tried to answer sincerely and honestly Year: MA (course-based) completed
  9. Result: Accepted GPA: 3.88 MCAT: 513, 130 CARS ECs: Athlete, lots of work and volunteering with kids at risk, couple first author pubs. Year: MA completed Geography: OPP Interview: Gawd who knows
  10. TIME STAMP: March 16, 2016 Interview Date: April 10 Result: INVITE wGPA: 3.7 unsure how weighted MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: Hospital volunteering, first author publication, work in mental health, sports. Essays: A little scattered, took some unorthodox positions Year: Graduated Master's Geography : IP
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