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  1. Good luck. I would clarify not getting the wGPA. Seems silly to be penalized for being too efficient in undergrad
  2. RiderSx: 1. It's tough to comment without knowing what type of social creature you are. Shit changes quickly when you begin the curriculum so I would say remain flexible and do what feels right and comfortable after. You'll make friends and then go on from there. 2. Regardless of atmospheres and culture which are unique to every city and institution, nothing changes wherever you are. Be nice, listen carefully, use good judgement, and highly prioritize being a good teammate.
  3. Hi cdnpd: I think research is highly valued. As are other components of the application. I think good simple advice is to stand out. That means reflect on your strengths and amplify those qualities or that experience; be it clinical volunteering, ECs that are translatable and unique, academic excellence. That is, applying the Pereto principle to applications. Well I don't think specifics are important with the references which you should remain blinded to. Ask refs if they can write you a strong letter, give them a synopsis of what you've done, ask them to highlight aspects of your behaviour that are reflected in canmeds competencies.
  4. Its very possible, I did it. I would say its worth an application always. There are exceptions all the time. Good ECs in that case are crucial, but don't need to be earth shattering.
  5. i did a second degree and wrote an explanation. I think they threw the first one out.
  6. You're welcome. Relax, live your life, and trust things will work out
  7. I applied with a GPA in the low 3.8s. Certainly possible, but need to be more competitive in the other components of the application.
  8. Hi Albert, Don't want to frighten you, but I remember hard copy submissions. But, I think I was behind too. And I frigging drove it to the office. That might still be a possibility. Good luck. Obviously confirm you still need hard copies
  9. Depending how my explanation essay was applied, my GPA was roughly 3.7, with a qualifying mcat and good ECs. I don't know if its right to say that 3.5, especially as a grad student, is not going to happen, with exceptional and distinguishing ECs. Just temper expectations.
  10. Certainly possible to get invited for interview and get accepted. I applied as an undergrad and was accepted with a GPA of under 3.8. It's certainly less likely than having a 4.0. If you can afford the application cost without much burden, apply.
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