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  1. Not all health disciplines are for everyone. I realized that I'd prefer more "hands on" interactions instead. Don't stop chasing the pharmD dream!
  2. Hey everyone - just looking to gather some of your valued thoughts and opinions. I'm a Canadian pharmacist who has been working in retail pharmacy for about 4 years at the management level. I feel like I'm getting very bored with my job due to the repetition and lack of ability to make meaningful changes in patients' lives (especially when you're owned by corporate and "script count" is all that matters). In addition, I have this thirst for knowledge that is not satisfying me by working in a retail pharmacy. There's so much to know but I feel like I'm rotting away just working my retail 9-5 job. I'm wondering if I should apply to a 2-year accelerated BSN degree, work for 2-3 years in a high acuity ward and then apply for a Masters (nurse practitioner). What appeals to me about being a family nurse practitioner is the ability to physically assess your patients and have a deep understanding of their medical history. In addition, I really admire the level of autonomy and responsibility of this profession. I currently work alongside several NPs as the retail pharmacy I work at is next to a primary care clinic. I do have a couple concerns though: Being an RN and NP seem so different.. I'm not sure if I would like the bedside part of being an RN, however, I think I would enjoy an area such as the ER or ICU because there's so much to learn, do, and see. Cost: I don't have much savings, I can work on weekends as a pharmacist though to help cover the cost of tuition/living expenses. I would obviously be taking a pay cut from my current salary of ~100k (just finished paying off student loans for 6 years of school). Age: I am almost 30 years old. That means at the earliest I would be an NP at 36 years old. Difficulty of getting into a masters program - what kind of grades do I need? Other considerations were to: Apply to medicine (low chance - GPA is about 80%, decent extracurriculars though, can consider applying after completing BSN to bump GPA up?) Consider a 2-year comp sci degree (I am interested in computers and have been as a child but have always avoided this path as I didn't want to turn my "fun/interest" into "work".) Do a pharmacy residency or graduate Doctor of Pharmacy degree Get out of school altogether and do a trade or become a police officer (both something I'm interested in.) Has anyone done this or know of anyone who has done this? I haven't made the jump or applied yet but I am strongly considering. Am I just having an early mid-life crisis? Thanks for reading! tl;dr - want to quit job as pharmacist and become NP, looking for insight
  3. May I ask what your MCAT breakdown was? I've got a 124 in CARS which I think doesn't meet the cut off right?
  4. Hey thanks. That's what I figured. I won't waste money on applying this cycle then. Cheers
  5. Hey guys, just wondering what my chances are and if I should even apply to any Canadian schools this year. Hopefully someone could shed some light my way. Resident of British Columbia GPA - About 80% for UBC (about 3.8ish for Ontario schools?) MCAT - 505 with a 123 in CARS (will probably have to rewrite.. I don't meet the cutoff for UBC..) ECs - Tons of ECs, very clinical and some long term as I have been working as a pharmacist for about 1 year now Research - A couple presentations and journal submissions. None published as of yet. Seeing how my CARS is very weak, should I even take a shot at some Ontario schools that don't require the MCAT? Thanks for taking a look and I appreciate everyone's feedback.
  6. Is there ANY chance of getting in with a 123 in CARS with a very strong MCAT and ECs (very clinical)? I'm thinking either to apply this cycle or retake the MCAT and apply next cycle..
  7. Really? I just read in the accepted thread that someone had an interview with a TFR of 53... Usually the cutoff is relative though, so it varies every year as far as I know.
  8. Oh I totally missed that. I'm assuming the big gap between the 3.3 and 3.7 for OMSAS will probably scale my averages down then, more towards a 3.3ish OMSAS GPA but I will do the conversion when I am free and get back to you guys. Thank you for being so helpful!
  9. Thank you. I will consider Western as well in this upcoming application cycle.
  10. Thanks. I checked their course requirements and it seems I do fit the criteria (30 credit hours = 5 courses). However, it seems that they only take the best 2 years if you have 2 undergraduate degrees? It seems the "minimum GPA" is also calculated on the 2 best years in general. Is that the GPA that is used in the application process? Or eligibility? Any thoughts on Mac's CARS section? Also USDO programs?
  11. This is common with a lot of other health professions. It's just the reality of the situation. Biggest tip for everyone it to actually LOOK IN to this, really see if its something they want to do for the rest of their lives. Dedicate time and energy to others while letting your mental health waste away.
  12. Thank you. Yes all of those years are full courseloads. I have been considering Mac as well but I have not thought about western. I have a lot of health-related ECs to compensate as well as an upcoming pharmacy degree. Any recommendations if I should take a second degree to boost up my GPA or will it not be worth it? I have not thought about USDO programs... I will look into it. Are they easier to get accepted to? Thank you for your input, comments, and suggestions!
  13. Thanks, here is the breakdown of my grades over the past 7 years. I have not taken the MCAT but I am taking it this summer, what kind of score do you need to be considered a "strong" MCAT score? Year 1: 78% Year 2: 73% Year 3: 86% Year 4: 78% Year 5: 78% Year 6: 79% Year 7: 88%
  14. Hi everyone, I'm considering applying to med school this year, I'm from BC but I'll be applying across Canada and to several US schools (to the ones that I meet their minimum GPA requirement). I hear AMCAS scales your grades (80% = 4.0) so I feel that I might have a chance? I've been a student for 7 years with an upward trend in my grades (last year grades GPA = 95% full course load). Do I have a chance assuming my MCAT score is competitive (will be taking this summer) and I have decent/average ECs?
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