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  1. It’s easy to get discouraged after putting together an application and not getting an invitation to interview. I have been there twice- this is the third time and finally got one. The average student has to do 2 or 3 attempts before getting accepted. So view pre-interview rejection as a necessary step towards becoming a doctor. 2 or 3 application cycles is the average, meaning half of applicants take longer. With every application cycle, you learn something that improves your application and strategy. It is not wasted! There is no embarrassment in pursuing your dreams. Your verifiers and friends don’t actually care that you are taking a couple years-it shows persistence. Now, a note to those with lower GPAs and MCAT scores… it’s easy to get discouraged when you see most everybody here has 3.8+ and 510+. Guess what, I didn’t have either of those. You can always retake the MCAT- if you have met the minimum to apply before and it feels too daunting to study for the whole thing again, pick one or two sections (CARS, PSYCH/SOC, etc) and bring up your scores in those two sections. You can do it in 2 months, boom, pow, done. If you have a lower GPA, the good news is that U of A seems to be moving away from having it count as much each year. If you have a high GPA, good on you, you’ve already proven to yourself you can do hard things. The best news of all… extra-curricular activities seemingly count for more and more. You don’t have to be smart- you just have to be dedicated and passionate which most everybody can do if they are willing to find what interests them. Based on my application and how far below average my GPA and MCAT scores both seem to be compared to previous years, I would guess EC’s combined with CASPer and references make up at least 50%+ of pre-interview score now. You don’t have to be an academic genius-just a genius at finding activities you love. The secret for me to get to an interview was being VERY diverse in what you pursue outside of school. Do something unusual-unrelated to medicine. Show them you have a life and can make it in life without being a doctor and could be successful in another field. Show them you can contribute. Show them your understanding about issues of inequalities in society and how you are working to help others. Show them you believe in investing in yourself- it’s not all about other people. Develop a talent and then go as far as you can with it. Start today by picking something out. Last of all... don’t compare yourself to others!!!! It’s so toxic. You have certain strengths and shouldn’t expect yours to exactly match those of others. The more different your application is from your friends, generally the better. When the admissions committee sorts through thousands of applications, I would guess they get bored- I would. Make yours so unusual they want to meet you as a person-not just as an applicant. Be interesting. If you want to join that hot dog eating contest and go for the national record-do it! Keep your head up and good luck munchkins.
  2. How is the CASPer test incorporated into our application? If we all have to take it in September, October or December according to the dates posted, does that mean that the score is incorporated into the pre-interview score before invites are sent? I don't understand the purpose of not informing us of the breakdown for how we are scored and weighted. What is the harm in telling us? Any insight is appreciated.
  3. I sent an inquiry to the Registrar's Office as they are the ones who update the To-Do List from what I read, not MDAdmissions. The website says the update can take a minimum of 2-3 weeks for processing but unfortunately we don't have time on our side, or the luxury to wait forever and won't be able to send new transcripts on time if we wait much longer. If I don't get a response today I'm going to start making phone calls because it has been 3 weeks for me.
  4. I read on the U of C blog a post from a couple years ago that indicated what the terminology all meant and "Awaiting a Decision Regarding Interviews" means all 4 of your reviews have been completed. Now it's just a waiting game until the rest of the applicants' file reviews are complete.
  5. Has anybody seen if their most recent transcripts have been received? Sent mine back in December and there has been no update to Bear Tracks. I'd like to think they've received them but just haven't updated the online portion, but then again why wouldn't they send out some sort of notification if there was a delay in processing? -Thx
  6. Depending on how they score it out of 13, it will mean something different each time. A 496 (minimum to apply with) set at 0 and 528 set at 13, vs. 472 set at 0 and 528 set at 13 would give two different spreads for applicants' final MCAT scores. The latter would bring all the scores closer together. The admissions averages on the U of A website give the mean MCAT score, but don't show standard deviation or indicate anything more then if you're above or below average. The point of knowing these details is that if you are below the matriculating average on GPA, MCAT, or ECs, you really don't know how much it will cost you on the final score. You both bring up good points however. Scores aside, there is the subjective component of ECs. I'm fairly confident in my ECs in comparison to my siblings who were admitted but who really knows. I guess just prepare for an interview and plan for the worst.
  7. I've read that pre-MMI scores are structured something like this: 27-GPA, 13-MCAT, 30-ECs. Is anybody familiar with how the MCAT is scored out of 13? I would imagine a perfect 528 would equal a 13, but how are the rest scored? For example I read on here (if it is to be trusted) that GPA score= ((GPA-3.3)/0.7)x27. Would a lower MCAT score severely affect an application or not? It's roughly 20% of the total. Has anybody got an interview with a lower score? I'm going insane waiting for February. -Thanks
  8. GPA: -Cumulative average with lowest year dropped: 3.85 -Bio major with 24 credits left to finish degree ECs/awards: -2 years auditioned high school choir, national 1st place -Chief Scout/Queen’s Venturer Awards -Academic scholarship $4600 -Rutherford Scholarship $2500 -volunteer Spanish tutor x1 semester -volunteer, unpaid service mission abroad (teaching 2 years) 7000 hrs + -volunteer group leader of 12 students (planned 1.5 hr/wk activities)x3 semesters -volunteer reforestation project x2 summers -(planned hospital volunteering summer 2016) What MCAT score do I need to be competitive for the U of A / U of C with this GPA and ECs? I know the U of A has cut-offs of 124 in each section, meaning a 496 bare minimum. Also, does anyone know of U.S. schools or other Canadian schools that don’t have the pre-req course requirements? THANKS
  9. The UofA states that the lowest year's GPA will be dropped after completing 4 full course load years, provided it is not the one and only with 30ucw or the most recent year. I somewhat butchered my first year but kicked trash my 2nd and 3rd years with close to a 3.9 those years taking full course loads of mostly sciences. My MCAT and ECs are solid too. I am starting my fourth year soon and am very confident. I'm wondering if the UofA will bother considering me with regards to that first year mishap, or I will be ruled off as non-competitve until its too late to offer an interview/admission for this cycle? As in when will the deletion of that year kick in? Feel free to burst my bubble if need be. Sources appreciated or personal experience if you have any, thanks.
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