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  1. Its a 3 year, but I could always upgrade to 4. I live in London but I really just hate this city and will move to Kingston if need be to go to Queens.
  2. Just wondering.. for any of you that have done Queens Life Science online or in the classroom, how is formatted? Like do you do a bunch of chapters or units that cover everything or is it just a bunch of courses? I hope this makes sense. Its just hard to tell from the website. Also is there a lot of math involved? I can do math but I'm not that good at it, and quite frankly I highly diskike it. Anyways I will be using this degree to apply to medical schools, most of them (since I emailed them to ask) will allow you, plus it doesn't really show up on your record. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and I hope someone can answer my question - Mandy
  3. The title pretty much says it all. I am completing a bachelor of science degree online through Queens and I am just wondering if McMaster medical school accepts it? I am considering either Queens or McMaster as my first 2 choices.
  4. The title pretty much says it all. I am completing a bachelor of science degree online through Queens and ai am just wondering if McMaster medical school accepts it? I am considering either Queens or McMaster as my first 2 choices.
  5. Yeah I have thought about that. There is also a alternative and continuing education centre about a 20 min walk from my place. The problem I have, is that I did all college courses in high school, the schooling I did was pretty much just to get through high school, not get you credentials for post secondary, which would mean I would have to upgrade like 15 courses, pretty much half of high school, since you need 30 to graduate.
  6. Oh I see, what if you don't have the high school requirements for an undergrad degree though? Thats why I was considering doing the life sciences because you can take courses as a interest student (without documents) and if you do well in the courses then you can move on to the degree online.
  7. So you do a general science in the first year, and then the 3 years of life sciences?
  8. Also, I currently live in London, but I am definitely willing to move to Kingston. I grew up in London, and although Western is also a great school I just want a change or scenery I guess. So yeah.
  9. Thats awesome! Can you do that in the life science program, even if you are doing it online? I'm glad to hear that they have good mental health services.. sometimes my depression gets really bad, and I'm glad that there is help available. Question.. did you do courses before going into the life sciences, or did you come from high school or something? Just wondering
  10. Queen's and McMaster accept 3 year degree's. But would it be a better idea if I did a 4 year and possibly apply in 3rd year? Do you get to skip year 4 and go into med school if they accept you during 3rd year? Just not sure how this works. But no I haven't contacted the school yet. I will be once my phone gets time on it.
  11. Aww thank you everyone you are so sweet! I think the best thing to do would to be slowly integrating back into things, like some of you were mentioning, maybe starting out taking 1 course in the classroom. My whole worry is starting medical school, and being completely overwhelmed. I hope that despite the losses i've experienced, with my father and also my grandmother which I forgot to mention (who was like a mother to me, and I took care of her for 4 years when she had cancer, which is why I want to get in to medicine) hopefully will make me a better physcian. I want to be a doctor for the reason of helping people, so they don't have to go through what I did, and of course a lot of other reasons as well. Thanks again everyone - Mandy
  12. Ny Med Season 1 and 2, Boston Med, and they actually had a new show that aired last night called Save My Life, and another one later this week called Boston EMS. The thing that sucks though is they don't really show many other departments besides the emergency room. I always wished they could film other areas of the hospital so that myself and other people could get a better idea of other areas. Oh well, maybe they will someday.
  13. You could do them through Athabasca, Queen's also has online courses
  14. Hey everyone! So I am kind of concerned... I have been out of the classroom since about grade 9, I did pretty much all of my high school online. Doing school at home makes me feel more comfortable, which is why I want to do a life science degree online through Queen's.. its kind of a comfort place for me. I am concerned though because my plan is to go to medical school, and I know you can't do that online. What would some of you suggest? Should I maybe do the life science degree in the classroom? I've considered that. Now that I am an adult, I don't struggle with the anxiety I had back in grade 9, and I had just lost my father 2 months prior to starting high school, and also battled and still battle depression so it was very hard on me. Now that years have passed, I've healed from it, it just seems like a big step to integrate back into the classroom, but becoming a doctor is my dream, so really whatever it takes, I will do. Just wondering what some of your suggestions are? Thanks everyone! - Mandy.
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