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  1. Status: rejected Timestamp: May 15, 12:02 Geography: IP Year: Graduated (2017) MCAT: 498 GPA: 81.5%
  2. Are you a first time applicant?
  3. Any one who interviewed Sunday Morning or afternoon had their references contacted yet?. Were you first time or repeat applicant?
  4. What day were your interviews.
  5. Hi, Is anyone interested in getting together once a week to start practising for MMI. If anyone is interested, please drop me a line here, PM me or contact me via crg798@mail.usask.ca. Thank you.
  6. heeach

    Waitlist 2018

    I am on the wait list as well. Has anyone heard any updates regarding wait list since the last post on June 18th by Ann2018.
  7. Hi Meowie; Thank you for your reply. Do you mind if I asked you about your pre-req GPA and the cGPA ??? Thank a lot and good luck
  8. Good morning everyone; I got the feeling that i am the only applicant who did not hear anything till now. Did anyone hear anything???? Thank you all and good luck Heeach
  9. Hi Pharmhopeful ; You mean this year or in previous years??? The official website says that the people got rejected are notified as soon as possible. This is logic because who did not got accepted needs to know as early as possible so he can accept another offer. This is what i think. Thanks and good luck for everyone
  10. Hi Are u like me and did not hear anything at all? It is weired. May i know ur pre req GPA and the cGPA??? Thanks and good luck in ur application
  11. I do not think that this is right because in the faculty website they said that who did not got accepted will be notified as soon as possible. And because in the last years those who got rejected got notified. This what i know Did u got accepted
  12. Hi everyone; Because I still did not receive anything till this moment !!!!! Is there any one who did not get accepted so I will be able to know that they sent the rejection letters already ???? Thanks
  13. I am an in province applicant. My name starts with H. Even my last name starts with E. I am not sure.
  14. Thank you very much and congratulations. I did not receive anything and I called them to find out that not all of us will be notified today !!!! Feeling like a hell !!!!!!!!!!