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  1. I second this ^ If you are worried about getting science prereqs look at Athabasca University and/or TRU-OL. Yukon also gives an edge because rural experience, diversity, etc. And it would be a great experience for you to build some character.
  2. UBC is more strict. Read their website. I think ~Aug 25 is last chance MCAT date.
  3. If you rewrite and get a 128 and your gpa is good (check OOP reqmts) you also open up Calgary + Alberta.
  4. I plan to attend all classes during the week including Friday, just wondering if I'll have heavy 'homework' over the weekend kind of thing. Thank you
  5. How much do we cover? Looking at doing a quick weekend getaway down south for fri-sun. Feasible with first week workload?
  6. I like the grey and the emerald green... hoping for those cuz I would actually use them. If it's orange, red, or yellow it's likely going to sit in my closet forever...
  7. Just type in SOLUS in google - it should pop up and then use the login you were given from your interview to access SOLUS.
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