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    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    First verifier that I know of has been contacted! Edit: second verifier that I know of has been.
  2. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Verifiers Already Contacted?

  3. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Casper/Interview/Application Prep Group

    Me too!!
  4. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    OMSAS cannot submit application Error

    I re-visited the page, it is showing me the whole application again. :/ I already submitted and paid though. Whyyyyyyyyy Edit: ok, I think it's fine. It doesn't give me an option to resubmit and it still shows I have paid. I'm assuming my application is in then...
  5. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    OMSAS cannot submit application Error

    I submitted around 1pm ET today with no problems. I have the "we are processing your app" note and have an ID. Does it usually have that msg? I guess we'll see how it goes.
  6. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Verifiers Already Contacted?

    No verifiers contacted as of yet that I am aware.
  7. Hey everyone - I am wondering if I should just put in the first part of the project names followed by '...' where it doesn't fit. Should I attempt to fit this into the "description" box? For the research category, there is the first box that says "description". In this I have put "poster" or "paper" or whatever. Is that correct? What else would someone put in this ? It's just a general description of the research item correct? For geographic location, I can only fit "Vancouver BC" is that ok? For Type of Publication we get 100 characters - what else would I put in here other than "conference" or "poster publication" or "poster conference" or "published paper/article" ? This is a bit different from UBC's process so I am just wanting to clarify. Thanks in advance!
  8. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    ABS Advice

    Can I please also when I am finished entering my info?
  9. Hi guys, sorry for all the questions. Is it generally frowned upon to use "&" in place of "and" in order to save characters?
  10. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    ABS Advice

    If you find someone to help you please let me know, I would like some advice before I submit in a day or two as well Thanks and good luck!
  11. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    ABS: Employment or Research

    I have held jobs that were research-heavy, one in particular granting me a co-authorship... What do I classify this as?
  12. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    ABS: Employment or Research

    Thank you
  13. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Early interview study group?

    sorry! i meant to reply, i have been so busy with work and a new job and these apps!
  14. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Early interview study group?

    I'm also interested, starting in mid-October
  15. Hey all! I am wondering whether I should "pre-write" or create an outline for my referees to complete. I haven't had to do that before, considering my home uni (UBC) has an online form with checkbox kind of things rather than a "letter" letter... Any tips? I have read that having CanMEDs competencies alluded to is a good start... does anyone have a rough draft kind of letter that they can link me to so that I can configure a format for my referees? Thanks in advance!
  16. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Good luck everyone!

    Good luck to everyone this cycle! Who wants to prep for interviews soon? I do not want to be applying again! These applications are draining!!!
  17. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Reference letters?

    It was last year, but it's only required once you receive an interview in December.
  18. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Reference Letters - should I help my referees write them, etc.

    They do, but I just finished reading some online "guide" that said three pages was a good length for a reference letter... How long should I suggest they aim for?
  19. Hey - I have some activities I have done that I am unable to get non-family members to verify for the following reasons: - I wasn't entered into the employment system by the franchisee for whom I worked and I have no idea who that person is anymore (this is from like, early-mid 2000's) - The company doesn't exist anymore - The company destroys files every 5 years and incorporated all franchises and I have no idea who my boss was from then (early 2000's) Do I included these activities or employment things and list a family member or do I omit them completely? I include in the clarification that the company either doesn't exist, destroys files, or doesn't have records (pretty shady actually). Thanks in advance everyone! Edit to add: I have always included these activities/employment and have received 2 consecutive interviews. Just not sure if it red flags me??
  20. clever_smart_boy_like_me


    I sent mine from TRU much earlier and UBC has received them.
  21. Hey everyone - so I have one activity with an organization where I occupied a certain position for last year's application. Earlier this year I accepted a different role with different responsibilities with the same organization. Should I split this entry into two so that I can maximize the descriptions for each and split the hours between the two? I will have about 300 hours for the first chunk and 150-200 hours for the second. Should I make sure these each have different verifiers or can I use the same verifier because it's the same organization? In order to do this I would have to delete an older entry from highschool that has only 100 hours and maybe does not seem as "impressive"? And the time commitment was less as well........ Thanks guys!
  22. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Split 1 Leadership NAQ activity into 2 ??

    Otherwise I have to squish two roles into one section and then each role gets less space for descriptions...
  23. Are any other re-applicants in this boat? This is an exhausting process, and will be my 4th cycle applying. I am low-key dreading all the emails I need to send out to verifiers reminding them they may receive emails or phone calls from Sept til May... I wonder how many of them think I must be dumb since I can't get into med... not to mention my references for post-interview time (hoping I get another)... THEY must have some thoughts of their own On top of this I will be applying through the OMSAS system for the first time in 3 years, so a bit of a learning curve and readjustment for activity descriptions. Feeling pretty tired of this process but pushing forward anyways. I guess the best way to look at it is as a step-by-step process. Slowly doing the application over a few weeks as opposed to trying to smash it all out in a few hours. I just don't want to look at the OAS again ever *sigh* 4th round here we go!!
  24. Hey everyone! Apologies if this is an overly common post-type, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the application process and need some guidance. Can someone please direct me to the best threads or links for CASPer prep info? I have taken it before three years ago without much prep so I need to do better this time. I last applied through OMSAS in 2015, and am applying to Mac (and others) this year. I'm not sure what my GPA for OMSAS is but I think it's at least 3.6? Maybe 3.7? Does Mac give any flexibility in GPA calculations like dropping credits or years or is it just cGPA? I have a 127 CARS and have not yet taken CASPer. If I do well on the CASPer, do I have a shot? I am OOP. Thank you so much in advance!