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  1. Are any other re-applicants in this boat? This is an exhausting process, and will be my 4th cycle applying. I am low-key dreading all the emails I need to send out to verifiers reminding them they may receive emails or phone calls from Sept til May... I wonder how many of them think I must be dumb since I can't get into med... not to mention my references for post-interview time (hoping I get another)... THEY must have some thoughts of their own On top of this I will be applying through the OMSAS system for the first time in 3 years, so a bit of a learning curve and readjustment for activity descriptions. Feeling pretty tired of this process but pushing forward anyways. I guess the best way to look at it is as a step-by-step process. Slowly doing the application over a few weeks as opposed to trying to smash it all out in a few hours. I just don't want to look at the OAS again ever *sigh* 4th round here we go!!
  2. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Alberta GPA calculation

    Hey, I've browsed the forum here for UoA but can't seem to find anything that details how to calculate my gpa? I saw one poster mention that both A and A+ are = 4.0 but other than that, do I assume it is like other schools with +/- (ex: A- = 3.7, B = 3.0, etc...)
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    Exceptions to full time requirement?

    Are there any exceptions to this requirement (ie: needing to work) and do non-degree courses count in gpa calculation?
  4. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Question about Alberta Residency

    I just checked a couple weeks ago and it said one year. Now it says three? Crazy.
  5. Hey - MCAT rewrite planned for late August. Planning a decently thorough review of bio/biochem, Gchem/Ochem, and psych/soc over the next month, but planning to skim physics since it is mostly underrepresented on the exam and I don't have the luxury of time. With that, what are the most important topics/equations for physics I should plan to know? I did well in physics in undergrad but haven't taken any courses for quite a few years or really reviewed it since my first MCAT sitting (2015). I also skipped studying much physics for that as well.
  6. Third rejection. Honestly in this moment I feel like giving up. I can’t stand the feeling of telling people I’m applying to medicine and constantly facing this wall.. beginning to feel like a broken record and I know people are judging me. I can’t see myself doing anything else but I feel like I’m never going to achieve this. I took a full year of classes this year and rocked them. That is basically the only way my application is better for next year, in addition to more hours on some of my existing activities. I’m not sure what to do next... I had a plan but now it seems stupid and this seems like an unattainable pipe dream. I don’t know if I should retake the MCAT? I got 511. I don’t want to spend the summer studying again. I just spent all year killing myself for my grades (which are awesome). What else can I do? I will post my stats in the accepted/rejected/waitlist thread, but also here... Non-trad IP Avg interview Naq ~32 Aq ~20 Congratulations to everyone receiving an acceptance/waitlist today.
  7. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    Thank you ^ and everyone who has commented I very much appreciate the input and perspectives!
  8. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    Update: I've decided to bail on the MCAT until next year if I need to. It's proving to be more stressful than I originally anticipated and I dont have the mental energy for this. It sucks but oh well. Hoping I'll get at least the interview with UBC and maybe Queen's and we'll see how it goes! Now to work, volunteer, and see family and friends.
  9. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    We are pretty similar in terms of academic stats so that is encouraging! Congrats! If you dont mind me asking, what was your NAQ? I am definitely going to work on my interview for this cycle (assuming I get one) as it was something I couldn't prepare adequately for this cycle because of school.
  10. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    IP vs OOP

    Does Queen's consider OOP differently than IP?
  11. I'm (hopefully) a year out from thinking about this so naturally I know very little. Roughly how much per year would that be for four years? Thanks
  12. If someone were given a 275k or 300k loan and decided to use all of it at once do you start accruing interest immediately or is it like student loans from undergrad with a 6 month grace period after graduating?
  13. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    Good job on your score with such a tight window from content review to exam! Thanks for the encouragement, it's well appreciated and probably what I needed to hear.
  14. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Rejection thoughts and MCAT retake?

    MCAT prep is not going as well as planned!! Things (family and work) keep coming up and I am finding it hard to balance studying effectively with my part time job. Is it too late for me to aim for an Aug 25 write date? Not done content review yet.. Was hoping to be done around July 10. But now thinking July 15... My gut feeling is to bail on MCAT til later in the year and use it for next cycle if I have to. At this point I feel like I'm going to mess everything up and score less than 511 :/ Will my score really hold me back at UBC, or Queen's? But then I have the feeling of guilt that I'm losing focus on my priorities and not trying my hardest and giving it my all and that I'm going to end up with a 4th rejection and feel annoyed at myself for not trying harder somehow. For the record, a better CARS score would get me a chance to have an OOP interview at UoA. Other than that, a better MCAT would improve my chances at Queen's and UBC. By how much, I'm not sure. I suppose it would depend on how well I did in comparison to the first time. For the record, I really want to continue working as I spent all year not really working and it is the most lucrative time of the year for my field right now. So I'm kind of torn.
  15. UBC does, but not for the year you're applying in -> ie: summer courses from may-aug 2018 will not count for GPA calculations for 2018/19 cycle, but will for 2019/20 cycle. I'm not sure about other schools.
  16. -.- this face says it all right now. Everything always feels so urgent with this process... I had a plan and now I'm not sure it is the best idea and am trying to come up with another. Ok, so here is my overall situation that I am trying to get clarification for: - IP BC currently, rejected post-interview 2x from UBC (1x pre-). Will be applying to UBC, Queen's, Mac, and UoA (if I get AB IP or a better CARS for OOP) for 18/19. Not sure if I'll have time to write USA applications as am studying for MCAT. - variable GPA depending on calculation style. UBC AGPA ~ 84-85%; Queen's 2yGPA ~3.95, not sure for UoA but with worst year dropped ~84% (don't know GPA equiv yet)... I was originally thinking of retaking the MCAT and applying to those above schools, hoping I'd do better than my 511(127) but now I'm realizing I could potentially open seats to myself if I move to Alberta for a year+ in ~August... and I can find work in Alberta in health care sector (maybe ambulance or oilpatch medic; maybe even medical research)... then I read a comment in the forums that though that is UoA's technical requirement they are still subjective in your provincial residence assessment so with all that effort and inconvenience I could still be considered OOP. I have a partner and a life here but I'm willing to move on my own for a year for a better chance but it doesn't even seem like it would guarantee IP. What do I dooooo
  17. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Confused af - Move provinces? Rewrite MCAT? Find Alberta job?

    Posted ^ at the same time you did. I am retaking MCAT mainly to get 128+ in CARS to hit UoA cutoff... and improve odds for anywhere else (UBC, Queen's, Mac). And if I do better overall then it's good. I had a thread (UBC thread I think) where it seemed the overwhelming majority thought a better score would help.
  18. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Confused af - Move provinces? Rewrite MCAT? Find Alberta job?

    I have weighed all the options and considered angles and decided to stay in BC this year, do the MCAT, reapply where I can. If necessary, I will be moving to the YT or NWT next year to get IP status for both AB and BC for 19/20 cycle.
  19. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Chance me (with stats)

    I have been lurking this forum and did some reading in the interview invites/rejects and acceptances/waitlists/rejects threads and just wondering if someone with similar stats has received an interview and subsequent offer before 2YGPA: ~3.96 (anticipating - semester is yet to finish) cGPA: ~3.5-3.6 Year: Non-traditional with BSc; have recently been taking unclassified courses MCAT: ~510-512 (127 CARS); balanced ECs: Good enough to get me an interview at UBC I guess Volunteer leadership roles in medical-related field; volunteer leadership role in academic position; medical work experience; research-heavy work experience in non-medical field (co-authorship publication); corporate work experience in science field; plenty of small jobs; many various volunteer positions globally (ecology/research based); music & performance (solo, bands, etc.); small business; varsity athletics; continued athletic pursuits in different sport than varsity one For anyone who may have applied at both or have experience regarding both: Is Queen's scoring for ECs similar to UBC in that the wording really influences the score?
  20. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Chance me (with stats)

    ^ Thanks! I will be applying for sure. Glad you were accepted! There is a chance for me then
  21. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    Confused af - Move provinces? Rewrite MCAT? Find Alberta job?

    Average interview both times. This year I was in school and definitely prioritized classes over interview prep. So I should be able to improve my interview score yet. This cycle my agpa will have improved as well and my AQ will reflect that. Should be able to maintain a decently high NAQ just based on the past two cycles but it did drop by 2 points this cycle compared to last even though I added more activities and more time to preexisting ones... Worried about getting a worse MCAT score tbh and messing chances with USA schools since they seem to take most recent...
  22. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    BC city applicant - worth it to apply?

    Wow... yeah, definitely no point for me then...
  23. Is it even worth my time to apply to NOSM as an applicant from BC who has really only lived in cities with a population greater than ~500,000-1million people? Not sure on my cGPA as I need to calculate it by OMSAS conversions still, but like 83-85%? Ish?
  24. clever_smart_boy_like_me

    (OOP) Are courses taken post-degree considered in GPA calculation?

    Thank you! I will check out their conversion forms and email about courses.
  25. Like the subject states - do non-degree courses count for GPA? Are college courses considered as well? Do they use OMSAS conversions? Is the rough GPA cut-off for OOP (BC) applicants ~85%? Wondering if I should even apply... so few spots and many competitive applicants.