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  1. Hello, Has anyone had any experience in the Queen's Health Science program as their undergraduate? If so how do you like it? I was considering this program for a second undergraduate.
  2. Hi, You and I are in slightly similar situations. I completed one degree with around a 3.6 cgpa. I am about to complete nursing as a second undergrad currently sitting at a 3.7 cgpa. I also did not always have a full course load and prereqs due to transfer credits and pass/fail clinical courses. I am also debating whether or not to complete a 3rd undergrad or pursue a graduate degree. I arrived at a similar conclusion. I don't want to give up. The third undergrad seems to hold the best option for me since it will allow me to complete prerequisites and carry a full course load without pass/fail courses that don't really help gpa. Have you decided what your plan is?
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