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  1. Hello! I was wondering if anybody has ever done the Basic Cancer Research and/or Translational Cancer Research elective at McGill that is advertised on the AFMC Student Portal. If so, how did you find it and would you recommend it? Can this elective be done for just 2 weeks? Based on my research experience, 2 weeks is absolutely nothing. Is it worth doing? Thanks!
  2. Sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier. I just wanted to let you know that I never heard back from the AFMC Student Portal help desk, but I like the discussion that has went on here . Thanks!
  3. Thanks LittleDaisy and thatonekid. I actually emailed the AFMC Portal service help desk right after I posted my previous message. I will post the answer when I get a reply
  4. Thanks LittleDaisy and thatonekid for the prompt replies. I actually applied exactly 9 months in advance, right when the clock turned midnight 9 months before the elective. I applied to General Surgery (Breast) as my first choice and General Surgery (hepatobiliary oncology) as my second choice. Actually, I am curious as well whether or not the AFMC Student Portal will recognize and prevent students from double booking. Does anybody know? It would be good if the portal prevented double booking to reduce the problem with booking visiting electives in Canada.
  5. Hello. I was wondering how difficult it is to obtain a visiting elective at U of T? I recently applied through the AFMC Student Portal, but I wanted to know if I should apply for a backup elective (at another school) if things do not work out, but at the same time I do not want to be wasting money. I would appreciate some advice. Thanks!
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