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  1. Just got accepted also! Email was sent out at 8:17 PST.
  2. Bruh lol. I totally understand how difficult and nerve wracking it is to be placed in this waitlist limbo, but I honestly don’t think following a FB group and comparing its members with previous years is going to 1) provide any genuine insight or 2) do anything positive for your own mental wellbeing. Literally anyone can join a FB group including students on the waitlist + students who are still unsure about accepting + upper year med students already in the program. No one can accurately determine how fast the waitlist will move or what your position on the waitlist is, so just sit back, keep busy, and keep your mind clear! No use in ruminating and constantly following something you have absolutely no control over!
  3. Unrelated, but does anyone know when results are coming out?
  4. Hey friend! 10 points is a quite the jump and truthfully, I'd be wary about banking on such an increase. With that said though, if you peruse through some of the interview threads, I'm sure you'll see 5-10 point jumps (and unfortunately, in some cases, decreases) in NAQ scores across cycles. I added four new slots to my application this year (v. service-focused with emphasis on marginalized populations) and experienced a 3 point jump this cycle. I did completely rewrite a lot of my previous entries, though. You never really know, tbh.
  5. As another B.C. applicant and Queen's interviewee, I totally empathize with OP. Would I like to go to Queen's? Sure. Would I also be a little upset + terrified leaving my family, friends, home, and basically everything comfortable for it? Oh man, definitely. As students pursuing medicine, you of all people should recognize how critical social support networks can be when dealing with stress/difficult situations. Let's step back, be adults LOL, and not take everything so personally. So what if OP thinks Queen's is inferior to their other options? So what if they feel it's settling? It's their options, their life? Their choices/opinions (no matter how contrasting from yours) are their own. I hope y'all are practicing self-care during this cycle, b/c based off this thread...some of you really need to relaxXx. Idk, my 2 pennies. A refocus to the main topic, maybe?: the MMI stations moved so quickly!!! The waiting beforehand was pretty painful, but once everything started, it was just gogogo! Walked out of a few feeling like I did a pretty decent job. Very proud of how I handled one of them, specifically. There was this one question though...oh man, I barely understood what was being asked. I couldn't wait to get out of there. :') Great learning experience, overall, especially for my first ever med interview.
  6. Hey all! Been reading some conflicting information and was wondering if I could get an updated response! For the MMI stations, is it true that we will be cut off at the 5-minute mark and then be asked a follow-up question (for which we'll have 2 minutes to respond)? If so, do we get any timed buzzers/bells indicating when our time is close to ending (ex. at the final 1-minute mark? or at the 4-minute mark)?
  7. Thanks, friend! Wishing you all the best this cycle as well. I don't mind at all. My score was 515 (128/128/129/130).
  8. Just received one today, actually. Very surreal. A little stressed with the amount of time I have left to prepare, though. :X The only available date they had was March 2nd and this is going to be my first interview!!
  9. I received my email at 5:12 last year. But hey, no matter which way this thing goes, at least I can say I survived a little longer this cycle??
  10. My thoughts, too. Edit: ORrrR, I guess maybe not? I wasn't aware partial review and ineligible came out the same time as full reviewed regrets. Hmm.
  11. Hey all, I understand that Queen's considers 3 courses per semester a full-time course load and would therefore, use these grades in their wgpa calculation, but I was wondering if the number of credits per year were taken into account at all? I haven't been able to find anything on their website, which makes me think no, but I thought I'd ask on here just to make sure. I'm currently in my fifth year and registered in 3 courses per semester, but because one of the courses is a lab and only worth 2 credits, I will have 17 credits at the end of this academic year instead of the usual 18. I just wanted to make sure this year counted as a full-time course load for me, otherwise I'd definitely be open to registering in another course next term just to make it up. Please let me know if you have any insight!
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