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  1. I got a call at noon but I missed it, so I received an email 15 minutes later.
  2. I am in the french stream (not CNFS) and was admitted off the waitlist today at noon. Timestamp: 7:25am wGPA: 3.87 I will be accepting the offer. I still can't believe it! #MD2023 Good luck to those still on the waitlist!
  3. Yes, they offer you a glass of water during the interview!
  4. No, we never received an email from the faculty. But I think by now we all assumed everything is completed and finalized.
  5. I haven't received the email yet either. I'm starting to wonder if they will even send it out this year aha
  6. Very true too aha I guess we’ll know soon enough
  7. If the email hasn’t been sent out yet then the class must not be 100% finalized, otherwise we should have gotten it.
  8. Congrats, so lucky!! I guess it’s not over until it’s over, huh?
  9. Gotcha! Thanks! I guess it's better luck next year...
  10. Could we be expecting another small round of calls sometime soon since the first wave had until June 5th to accept?
  11. Im on the good waitlist for French and got my email at 7:15. I don’t think these time stamps mean much.
  12. Any french stream applicants being called/emailed? Is it really a big waitlist for both streams? Or are they individual? Congrats to those accepted!
  13. Oh that’s quite possible! Who knows really Thanks Maggie 19, I’ll try and do the same haha
  14. I’m on the regular french stream waitlist and it was quite high, but I’m not sure of the specific wgpa.
  15. Just a heads up for those on the French stream waitlist, the calls have in fact started. I know that someone got called yesterday (May 23rd). Maybe the first round is done for the French stream?
  16. INVITE Date stamp: 28/01/16 @ 9:51am Stream: French wGPA: 3.84 Current year: 4th year of UG EC's: Long term volunteer commitments, research volunteer, lots of employment throughout undergrad, ECs in sports. No publications. CASPer: Felt okay, exam glitched often which threw me off.
  17. I have a similar issue! I was a research assistant for two residents this summer. However, my name is not written on their publication, can I still add that into research? I heard that in order for an activity to be classified into research your name must be on a publication. Is this true?
  18. Hello my fellow pre-meds, I was wondering if any of you had tips on how to pick your top 3 for Uottawa, what type of qualities the entry should show off. Thanks!
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