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  1. Thanks! I meant for newly accepted applicants, what is the deadline to actually register in the program?
  2. Can anyone tell me what the deadline for registration is in the MD program? I’m wondering because I was told that graduate student applicants must have their degree requirements completed by then. Thank you!
  3. emes

    Casper Done.. Thoughts?

    just keep going and try to be confident in your answers, you can do it! it'll be over soon
  4. it's not so they will 'send cookies', this test is supposed to be standardized and fair and it clearly wasn't today. so many things went wrong and the system is clearly flawed so the schools should at least be aware of it for future consideration, especially ottawa since it is their first time using casper.
  5. yeah I am wondering what the email for Ottawa is, if anyone has it? I dont want to send it to the wrong one is it the admissmd one?
  6. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    i wouldn't really call that hour of extreme stressing and anxiety a break, but i know what you mean.. this is seriously so unfair and its not like it's just a test, it's literally going to determine our futures
  7. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    not sure, because id rather have 12 sections averaged out but at the same time i was so anxious and stressed that i dont even know if my responses were good
  8. which email address did you send it to if you dont mind me asking?
  9. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    i continued too i wasnt even expecting it to work when i refreshed it
  10. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    its not fair for them to grade us on 8/9 sections while other people get their average based on 12 sections
  11. very true everyone should let uottawa know so they can take this into consideration
  12. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    me too and now my whole family is home
  13. emes


    They were fair about it in what way? do they take this into consideration when marking the answerS?
  14. emes

    The Casper Crash Thread

    this is seriously so unfair