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  1. i make a decent amount right now where if i saved now, by the time i finish my second undergrad i could afford it
  2. whats it like for a non traditional canuck to get accepted and be in a US medical school? I have always wanted to study in the US since i was a child and I know its more money but its worth it to me to live out a dream.
  3. im about to turn 25 in my "second" year at York, Im going part time myself. Also from London and probably have a similar extracurricular background in terms of the streets of london. I was in a fine arts degree initially but I soon learn that to put it politely it was a complete waste of time. If you want to be a neurosurgeon, why not major in something like psychology or biology. York is a good school for both and with all the psychoneurological research that goes on with the MRI machines and such it would probably be a good place to start. You can always minor in fine arts if your really have an interest.
  4. i dont know much about this stuff but i can tell you that almost every US school does not count online degrees from canadians, not that you were asking about them
  5. right now I am in a BA in psychology but i really want to do a BSc in psychology. I just understand science based courses a lot better
  6. so i have been reading the non traditional success stories and it seems a fair bit of the success stories have failed classes and dropped out, some even more than once. I never failed any classes in high school or college but i did fail a class in first year, it had nothing to do with my major so the school dropped it with a No Credit Retained. Anyway, I had re-enrolled in it before they did that and ended up with a C in it. The next year (that would be this past april) i failed the first 3rd year class i ever took, Cognition and was placed on academic probation for OSAP purposes. Once again I am stuck in a class that has nothing to do with my major, i messed up and picked the wrong class and i am probably going to fail this one. Overall my GPA is on the verge of being a B and its these Fs that just drag me down. I have thought about dropping out for a while, perhaps a year so i can pay off some bills, allow the OSAP suspension to blow over and maybe do some volunteering. I am not in the best of health (i have an anxiety disorder that seems to have gotten worse by being overweight), I owe a lot of money right now (about $30,000 from financial mistakes from being a dumb kid) and I do work a night shift job. I had dropped out once for 8 months to work which has got me a job that will provide be me with almost 100% tuition reimbursement in the future. So I am wondering if I should drop out for a while, maybe take some distance education courses to get my science background better ( I do very well in biology and psychology overall but my math and chemistry skills are terrible) and how I would explain this one day to an admissions interview. The will and the drive to become a doctor is the reason I have not just quit right now I already have a college education to fall back on (i have a broadcasting diploma) but this seems like the only thing that I truly want to do. How can I make up for failed classes other than retaking them and explaining why I failed. Sorry for being so long with this explanation!
  7. my family doctor who graduated not so long ago (probably less than 15 years ago, shes in her late 30s) said when she started her first year of medical school there was a 70 year old guy in her class. She said she did not remember if he graduated and told me don't let age make you not want to go for it.
  8. hey thanks for all the advice so far. I am really interested in doing research, I had to be a research test dummy for my psychology classes and I thought it was really interesting. The reason why I am only doing a part time course load is because my job will only cover about 9 credits per semester (that would be one and a half full courses) and right now I have to go part time for a year or so because I am having money issues. Thats why I want to do a 2nd undergraduate degree so I can bring up my grades and really go full time (my job is unionized and I will be making double what I make now and still have tuition reimbursement, so I could actually afford to go full time).
  9. hey im new here and ive read a lot of stories about non traditional applicants and I have to say it has given me a lot of hope to believe this is not an impossible dream. Right now im a second year student at york university, but i am 24, i went to college for a while then came here. My grades aren't great, 5.15 GPA on a 9 scale, so C+ but i recently was finally approved to switch into psychology after almost 3 years of waiting so I think that will change as I got B's in both biology and psychology classes. I also had failed 2 classes for the first time in my life. I have got lucky because my current part time job will reimburse me for the rest of my undergraduate degree so I am hoping to take a second one in something like biomedical science although U of T has a neuroscience program that looks good too. I hope if I take it seriously I can turn this around since it seems I am not totally sunk. I am wondering what kind of extra curricular's should I get involved in? I really have not done any since I am always working, I have to pay my own way through school. Does it matter if extra curricular's are like volunteering at the food bank or something or does it all have to be medical related. I wanna volunteer at CAMH (i would like to be a psychiatrist), I am hoping that is a good place to start. Anyway, I hope I can be like you other non traditional students, you guys are inspirational to a guy like me who was not even expected to graduate high school.
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