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  1. Did anyone else receive emails addressed this way (note, my last name was included)? Is this a thing or should I request that they re-send the emails with my correct first name (ie. for the CRC)? Any ideas would be helpful. Apologies if this is an ignorant question. Thanks everyone, Storii
  2. Thanks! I've requested access to the group. Sounds like a good plan.
  3. Hello, I will be moving from out-of-province to Calgary. I've done some searching for accommodation via Rent-Faster, Kijiji, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for places to rent (somewhat near the Foothills campus)? Thank you, Storii
  4. Hi everyone, I'm hoping some current Calgary medical students can provide a bit more information regarding how PBL is incorporated into content-learning at Calgary? It's been so long since the interview now, and I think I may be mixing my impression up with information from other schools. For instance, what might a typical week include in terms of lectures, PBL, etc? Thank you! Storii
  5. Storii

    Queens Interview Difficult?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm thinking of sending a polite email in the next few days just to make sure they are aware of this. Even knowing ahead of time that there would be an "interviewer" and an "evaluator" would have been nice, since I was so unsure of whom I should be making eye contact with. Given how (understandably) stressful the whole process is for everyone, I'm sure there are many others who would have liked to have gone in less blind, or at least on even footing with the rest of the candidates. Were you given the chance to ask questions in your panel? I was not, and I'm wondering if they will stick to that more closely now that it's been sent out in an official email. I feel that panels are a bit subjective, and I wish I had been able to bring more of myself into the interview by bouncing a couple of questions off of my interviewers.
  6. Storii

    Queens Interview Difficult?

    I'm honestly a bit ticked off about that - at least for those of us who interviewed during the first weekend. The particular format of this MMI was not at all what I was expecting and threw me off a bit. Seems unfair to have half of us go in blind and then send out a reassuring "here's what to expect" email detailing the format. Grrrrs.
  7. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 17/02/2017, 10:10PST Interview Date: 03/25/2017 wGPA: 3.9-3.95ish (I'm from BC and don't feel like converting) Year: completed Bachelor's in 2016 MCAT: 517 ECs: vaguely: - research (undergrad and hospital) with one publication + conferences (undergrad, graduate, international), job with leadership/managerial role in personal care, employment throughout studies, volunteering history, sports (all amateur/recreational) Essays: May or may not have run out of time on these... so I'm shocked to have been invited. The majority were complete, the rest... Geography : OOP
  8. Just got an invite this morning, so more are coming! Best of luck to everyone.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know if verifiers are able to read the "experience impact" of your top ten? I am concerned because one of my experiences discusses my work at a vet clinic which, while great in its own way, highlighted aspects of veterinary medicine that I did not like - and ultimately led me to pursue medicine. I do not want the veterinarian to feel offended as these are simply my experiences, not a condemnation of his practices! I hope only the "description" is visible. Thoughts? Storii
  10. Storii

    Mcat Score

    Takes over a month to get your score, so shouldn't be a problem. I wrote on August 4th and got my score September 7th. Just release it to UBC as soon as you get it - it gets updated quickly