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  1. insomnias

    Cap in number of Electives

    One of the profs who's involved in career planning at the U of A mentioned this is 99% finalized and all schools seem to have agreed, so it seems specialty planning will become interesting
  2. insomnias

    Cap in number of Electives

    My first instinct was that it's smart: if you have 16 weeks and spend all 16 in one specialty, then you can't realistically back up. If you have to spend the other 8 elsewhere, then you can back up But on the other hand, I can see it not actually changing anything. If you have all 8 weeks in derm, and 8 weeks in family/internal, well, it's pretty clear what you're doing. You probably wouldn't be able to get away with <8 weeks in any one specialty at that point, unless maybe it's family.
  3. insomnias

    Saudi Arabia to relocate students from Canada

    Could this actually result in more residency spots being cut? -_-
  4. Perhaps they take the rural postal codes off this list? http://tools.canlearn.ca/cslgs-scpse/cln-cln/lfnd-erpm/1-eng.do It's qualifying rural postal codes for Canada student loan forgiveness for family doctors/residents who go rural.
  5. Maybe they changed it because some people who were born in rural areas but moved to a major city before the age of 12 were claiming that they were rural, thus annoying the admissions committee
  6. insomnias

    Criminal record question

    I'd suggest emailing them to ask them if that question includes charges that were dropped.
  7. FYI, at least in my case, I wasn't given the full 300k with Scotia. Instead, I was given 300k - x, where x is the value of my student loans - $60k. Funnily enough, my non-Scotia credit cards didn't affect it. Also, for me at least (with AB loans), they included 2018-19 student loans in that, so if you're right at the limit and can wait a bit before applying for your student loan (which isn't even disbursed until September...), then I'd suggest doing so
  8. To make sure I'm reading this right: instead of the Scotia One, you give clients the SBAP chequing account and they keep that for the life of the LOC (i.e. even during residency)?
  9. Can't any student get the student banking advantage plan? It's what I've had for the past few years as a non-med student. In other words: what's stopping you from double-dipping and just setting up two chequing accounts (one ScotiaOne with the LOC; one SBAP)? Edit: Ah, well I suppose if you're in residency, you can't really keep the SBAP.
  10. Lol statements like that are how I know you have no exciting summer plans
  11. insomnias

    OMA Membership vs CMA membership

    If it's one of these, that doesn't seem so great https://www.cma.ca/Assets/assets-library/document/en/non-gated%20CMA%20ENGLISH%202yr%20EPP%20June%202014-e.pdf
  12. I'm still on the fence about who to go with, but one major downside of the RBC card for me is that they only give $250 of coverage in case of a delayed flight. If you have to overnight at, say, Toronto-Pearson, that's nothing. Scotia at least brings it up to $500.... When I had to fly b/w the prairies and Toronto/Montreal/northeastern US in the winter, I'd end up having to overnight because of delays/cancellations a bunch of times, so if you're thinking about interview season in January of M4... But wow, these "premium" cards sure have terrible insurance.
  13. insomnias

    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    It's pretty clear it doesn't:
  14. Interesting. I wonder why