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  1. biochem4

    Weighted GPA

    How are 9 credits perceived in fall and winter session? (0 credits in one term; 9 in the other)
  2. Im in a similar boat... do they base the GPA on each semester where there are 9 credits above or GPA calculation is based on F/W total credits of at least 18?
  3. How is this perceived? Is this session (F/W) included in GPA calculation?
  4. You won’t be a good and humane physician if you study medicine for the sake of money. You will end up accepting activities that are beyond your scope and are illegal when money is the root of those. That is why extra curricular activities are important, med schools need to see your “humanities” side and that it must flourish. A good balance of paid and unpaid is good but if you cannot do unpaid activities, ask yourself why you still want to pursue medicine. I believe that being a physician is a noble profession, one must have the right motive and attitude to get in. However, the sad reality is that 60% of matriculants said that they study medicine because of financial reasons. You can find the article online using the keywords I mentioned.
  5. biochem4

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    Questions to ask yourself: 1) Are there other courses that will count toward my degree aside from this anatomy course? 2) Is this course offered in the summer? If your answer is YES to both of these questions, you may want to drop it and if you really want to keep that ~4.0 GPA. If I were in your shoes, I would just keep it, knowing that the other components of my application are strong. The call is yours.
  6. biochem4

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    A is good. GPA is not the only criterion. Finish that course if you need it in your program. If you don’t, the decision is yours whether you would drop it or not.
  7. can you remove what you quoted from me?
  8. I don’t still know why he had to quote my comment and separate it from his own...lol
  9. It’s not impossible. I also have that feeling. Always WRITE in PEN if the instruction lets you to do so!
  10. You cannot be your worst enemy. You have to believe in yourself before others can believe you.
  11. You had the figure for 2-yr GPA. I was wondering you didn’t get an interview still?
  12. Did you try applying to Ontario MD schools?
  13. Guessing is bad for any exams. You must have some level of abstract thinking that is appropriate for 128 score in CARS.