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  1. You had the figure for 2-yr GPA. I was wondering you didn’t get an interview still?
  2. Did you try applying to Ontario MD schools?
  3. Guessing is bad for any exams. You must have some level of abstract thinking that is appropriate for 128 score in CARS.
  4. Thanks for responding! I only have less than 33 major credits left and am planning to finish it in two years. The courses aside from the major ones are free electives. I am just worried that adcoms might put a red flag in the remaining two spots in my course load each term. :/ Is anything really fine? I kept in mind the course progression (18 credits at least in upper level 3000/4000)
  5. If I have 3 major courses to take in each fall and winter, what other courses can I include to fulfill the 5 courses per term? Goal is to apply after third year and commence after 4th yr if successful. Thanks!
  6. biochem4

    Taking 300-level courses in 4th year?

    doesn’t matter. Majority of your credits must be in 3000/4000 level starting 3rd yr. or if you’re taking extra year(s). You must have 18 credits at least. If you do have them, you’re fine.
  7. biochem4

    Need advice regarding applications

    retake MCAT for CARS purposes. UofT will reject you automatically since it’s below 125. Do more other ECs...yours is too focused on research. Good luck
  8. biochem4

    6th year undergrad stigma/allowed?

    To answer your question at the end of your post, NO. You just have to show them that you can academically perform significantly high. The rest will depend on their MCAT cut offs, your ECs and statement, etc. Good luck
  9. McMaster Health sci is known to be a rigorous one. Wherever you are, the program and university do not matter. Nothing is easy, you have to work hard. Both schools are good. I had seen people from these universities getting into well known medical schools. I am from York, I had a classmate who got into Yale University. Whatever you decide to choose, do well and enjoy your studies. Good luck!
  10. biochem4

    5th year/Masters/Year off ?

    rewrite your MCAT. UofT didn’t put you to further review because you had a score below 125.
  11. You will be able to. Also, make your personal statements even stronger and the description on your ABS as well. These things don’t matter since you landed into interview stage anyway but just to make sure since the strength of the pool changes each cycle. Bottomline is, practice more on your interview skills. GPA is already okay. You made the cut.