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  1. got it. thanks FlyGuy!!!!
  2. “assuming you weren't listed there with the intent of presenting but then didn't actually attend“ what do you mean?
  3. I meant if I registered (paid the fees) and I didn’t go to present but my abstract was published in conference proceedings, is it worth listing in ABS?
  4. Can we list a poster presentation (registered) even when we did not attend the conference?
  5. how does UofT determine the GPA cut off for applicants with AEE? In their previous videos (2018-2019 cycle), they accepted applicants that had below 3.6 GPA
  6. Hello, I was wondering how will the current changes affect the upcoming cycle’s GPA average especially UofT’s? Will they start looking the apps more holistically?
  7. I was wondering how failed courses with NCR are viewed by UofT? At York, failed courses get NCR notation beside them after successful completion (eg. at least D). thanks!
  8. Hello, It's my first time to apply for paid summer research programs. I applied to a lab in early March and I got a response two days after my application (my stuff was being considered). I was told if there's an interest, I would be notified. It has been 3 weeks since my last contact with the lab and I haven't heard further decisions yet, can I already assume I'm not accepted? or I can just wait a little more for possible further response and also considering the global issue? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I only have two courses left to complete my degree. I saved them for next FW so that I can study for the MCAT and apply next coming cycle. I still have degree requirements to be completed this year though. Will there be an issue behind my decision? I will be having an extra 18 uni credits or so after this academic year. Thanks!
  10. when you enter a master’s program regardless of its nature, you have to finish it before you get officially admitted. Simply, your acceptance is conditional upon completion of your master’s program.
  11. Hi all How does UofT calculate the GPA under special consideration especially for those who did not have 30 credits of course load each year? thanks
  12. hello all, Considering we have had circumstances beyond our control, I was wondering if we could fill in this section despite not having 28-30 credits in all undergraduate years? tnx
  13. do med schools in Canada care if that year is just literally an extra year of study? For the cons you stated, does that mean there is no assurance in the end if I’d be accepted?
  14. I was wondering what are the pros and cons of taking an extra year with courses that don’t count anymore in your degree?thanks
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