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  1. biochem4

    Any Ryerson Graduates in Medical School?

    I don’t know how to start....but be prepared to receive lots of criticisms and discouraging eyes when you apply for research positions at Downtown Toronto. I’m a York student btw. When I was applying for research positions in different labs and hospitals, the PIs seemed to favor more the UofT students. However, when I got into a lab, I was asked which school I am studying at... I said York ofc. And I did get a disappointed expression. I also experienced being in a conference with Ryerson kids, I had seen they were not welcomed by other students like no one would like to socialize with them. I might be wrong but that’s just in the group I was in before. There were York, UofT, McMaster, Guelph and Western students and these Ryerson peeps were segregated from us. I also tried applying to Ryerson labs. All of them are only for Ryerson students. You might want to opt for that if you do not like what I experienced and observed. Nevertheless, go to the university where you know you could really do well. Only you can determine what is best for you. If you end up going to Ryerson, go ahead and do well during your stay. Don’t mind the criticisms ahead, you will do something in the future and it’s for yourself. Not others. Good luck!!
  2. McMaster Health sci is known to be a rigorous one. Wherever you are, the program and university do not matter. Nothing is easy, you have to work hard. Both schools are good. I had seen people from these universities getting into well known medical schools. I am from York, I had a classmate who got into Yale University. Whatever you decide to choose, do well and enjoy your studies. Good luck!
  3. biochem4

    5th year/Masters/Year off ?

    rewrite your MCAT. UofT didn’t put you to further review because you had a score below 125.
  4. You will be able to. Also, make your personal statements even stronger and the description on your ABS as well. These things don’t matter since you landed into interview stage anyway but just to make sure since the strength of the pool changes each cycle. Bottomline is, practice more on your interview skills. GPA is already okay. You made the cut.
  5. Don’t waste your two years doing lab work. Publication is not necessary. I have a friend who had 3+ pubs, almost perfect GPA and still rejected by UofT (no interview). He went to Mac in the end. You already have plenty of research experience. There’s a group on Facebook where students communicate to set up a practice interview at Downtown Toronto, it happens around winter. I think the name is Med school interview Toronto or just search it on Facebook and it should show up. Good luck!!
  6. Why do MSc? You were already at the interview stage. I think your interview just didn’t go well. Keep practicing!
  7. biochem4

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    I emailed uOttawa recently. I was told I need to repeat the pre preq that’s below B. So they take the second attempt, not the average of two attempts.
  8. I was wondering if having breadth of productive experiences in research is seen negatively by adcoms? :/ thanks
  9. biochem4

    Criticism on Resume/CV?

    send me a PM
  10. biochem4

    Tips on Studying

    does this work too for undergrad sciences/chem/kine courses? How to actually understand?
  11. biochem4

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    I'm also confused about their statement that they don't assess the difficulty of program and there is no preference to such but will assess the breadth and/or difficulty of courses taken. What does this mean?
  12. biochem4

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    Should a full-year course for their pre-reqs be in the same year (e.g. one for fall, one for winter or two in one term)?
  13. biochem4

    U of Ottawa new rule for pre-req

    I'm surprised. :$ I thought full-time status is determined after the school year (overall credits)....
  14. I just saw this requirement on UOttawa’s website. What’s the best option for pre-reqs below B? And is it still considered full time studies if you have 5 courses in a term and 3 in the other (24 creds total)? thanks!
  15. biochem4

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    I wish I visited this post in January I just saw this requirement on UOttawa’s website.... What’s the best option for pre-reqs below B? And is it still considered full time studies if you have 5 courses in a term and 3 in the other (24 creds total)?