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  1. do med schools in Canada care if that year is just literally an extra year of study? For the cons you stated, does that mean there is no assurance in the end if I’d be accepted?
  2. I was wondering what are the pros and cons of taking an extra year with courses that don’t count anymore in your degree?thanks
  3. If the applicant had extenuating circumstances then GPA cut-off won’t matter anymore due to the weighed GPA? Just want to be clear!
  4. Does UofT have a holistic process? If so, would GPA still matter (3.6)?
  5. If I did, I would have had a second W in that course which I found more devastating(?) :$
  6. Hi all, I retook a course that I got a W from last year. I got D+ on it. Is this better than getting a W for the second time? This is a pre-req for most US schools and some CA, should I retake it?
  7. Is it bad to drop a basic science course and get a W for the second time? how will this affect grad school MSc admission? and also MD?
  8. Hi all I’m taking a life science course this summer. I got my midterm back and it’s only average. I don’t need this course anyway I’m just taking it out of interest. I’m also busy this summer so that explains my mark. I can’t promise I can spend more time for its other assessments. Should I keep this still and do well? it’s one of the requirements elsewhere. I already completed all my pre reqs and it’s more unlikely I’m going to the US. Would y’all suggest not to take any sciences even if they are interesting (unless I can do well in those)?
  9. How are these different from each other? a) Research student (4th yr course)-independent project b) Research student (summer program)- could have an independent project or a paired one with a grad student c) Research student volunteer / lab volunteer === mostly paired with a senior member of the lab, helping out with experiments; learning techniques etc I think they are all the same in terms of learning and practical experience (?)
  10. what does it mean to have a meaningful research experience regardless if it’s volunteer or not?
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could give honest feedback about my situation. I have been in this lab for a few months, I had been given some real science work from time to time and also some data entry and organization work related to the organism being studied. Few weeks later, I was only given the latter. Not that I did horribly in the science work but I was alright said my supervisor. At some point, I feel like the skills that can be learned in the lab are now suppressed toward me and idk why? I was upfront with my goals and all that but all of a sudden I am getting cold treatment. The agreement was I would come frequently in the lab but I am allowed only once a week and there’s an expectation that I should have learned everything by now. When in fact each week has something new to do. I am also most of the time ignored when I raise concerns as to what I want to learn more. Is it still worth it to stay in this lab? thanks
  12. How are 9 credits perceived in fall and winter session? (0 credits in one term; 9 in the other)
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