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  1. Thanks! I was just wondering because I didn't apply this year, but last year when I was rejected, they had the average score (broken down by section) for accepted applicants. So I just added it up to get a sense of how much lower my score was than the average. Just wondering if there was a numerical average again for this year's accepted pool?
  2. Does anyone know what the average IP (accepted) score was this year?
  3. Thank you! My ECs was like 21.5, so just about 1.5 points behind the average which isn't bad. I'll be finishing my Masters before the next application and have already started a few new jobs/volunteer positions since the application was due in September. I'm thinking that section will be okay. I'm definitely going to ask for some specific feedback on the essay - do they give it to you? I've heard from friends that the feedback appointments are very general, but it would be great if they could give some concrete suggestions! Now just to write the new MCAT and be on my way with applying again. Thanks for the support!
  4. My score this year was 65.45 and seeing as the average IP accepted score was ~74, I'm wondering if it is even possible for me to get near close to that by next year? It's hard not to self doubt. For any of you who were rejected in the past, did you find that focusing on your weaknesses really improved your scores over the year? For me, it's the interview that I'll need to work on (26/40).
  5. IP Rejected 1st time applicant Academic Score 18/25 Essay & Supplemental 21.45/35 Interview 26/40 Total score 65.45 So happy for everyone who has been accepted. I will be trying again next year
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