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  1. Also, I dont know if its uncalled for, but try to keep a paper trail of all of your interactions and possibly audio record meeting with faculty. At the end of the day, its best to protect yourself. Since your school has already been uncooperative, its best to take some additional precautions.
  2. Mine, had nothing on it besides the standard rejection statement.
  3. Sorry to break it, but if you get your scores, it means that you've been rejected. You can try contacting adcoms, but sadly, you probably missed the cut off by a few points. I wish you the best!
  4. Anybody able to access the app status page? Still getting errors.
  5. Thanks Y'all. I'll be checking the relevant medical school's GPA calculations. But yea, after going through undergrad, I really want to keep my mental health in check.
  6. Hi, I wanted to ask if its necessary to maintain a high GPA in grad school. I'm little overwhelmed with my masters and I dont want to sacrifice my mental health.
  7. Probably not, since they review applications in batches, they might not have reached your application yet.
  8. Yea, i got one. First time applying as a grad student, so I dont know if this is something different.
  9. lol, prolly got an interview, prolly haven't sent the email. Take this with a grain of salt tho. Mine has nothing on it and i have no email either.
  10. I think one way to check if you got an interview, is to see if you got steps 3A and 3B on the supplemental application portal.
  11. Anyone know if the casper cutoff emails have been sent or when will they be sent?
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