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  1. Hey, Just finished 4th yr Med Sci. Your schedule looks fine to me. Just have some quick questions, are u planning not to take Orgo 2223 during the year (or are u considering taking it during the summer), you may want to check if the 3rd yr modules require it as a prerequisite. Also, a personal opinion, but you may want to save up those bird courses for 3rd or 4th year, they're a good break from all the science work we do. For stats, just stay on top of the stuff and practice using the equations and content you learn. From what i remember, the lectures were fine, but just be wary of the tutorials, pick a tutorial date that is not earlier in the week so you can ask your classmates for any heads up. Orgo is pretty straightfoward, the lectures notes are usually enough and labs are quite easy but tedious. Exams are similar to the practice exams in the lab book. Sounds cliche, but just stay on top of the work and you'll do great.
  2. Hi, do u know where you friend applied to, if you dont mind sharing.
  3. Hi, I really conflicted about rewriting. MCAT: 510: 126/127/129/128 (second attempt, previous was 499) cGPA: 3.6 2YrGPA: 3.9 I know that im not qualified for Western due to the CARs cut-off, Queens I might have a shot and Mac/Ottawa are out of the question. Toronto i dont have quite the best GPA. I feel like re-writing can open more options for me, but I don't know if I can get higher on CARS. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does Queen's look at most recent or best MCAT score. I have a 510 (127 CARS) and was planning on a retake?
  5. Yup, my email states the same.
  6. Hi, I wanted to include working and playing with technology in my ABS. I usually help my friends with any tech problems and I wanted to include them as my verifier. Is it okay to make them my verifier even if they are also applying to medschool this year. Would this be a conflict of interest? Thanks
  7. Hi, I wanted to know between these 2 references which one is more ideal: Prof: that I have known for a semester. Karate Instructor: The instructor has known me since 2007 but I since graduated in 2012. My confusion is that would having the karate instructor be not ideal, since I graduated from Karate almost 5 years ago compared to a prof that I know recently. Would I choose the more recent prof or the instructor. I know that the instructor would speak highly of me, but would the admissions panel be suspicious of a reference from 5 years back? So far the references I have are: Hospital Supervisor (volunteered 3 years), Local Soccer Club President (volunteered 4 years). Thank you for your time.
  8. drager

    Are You A Mustang Premed?

    Yea sure. I took Path 3240, Phys 3140, Phys 3120, Medchem, Pharm 2060 and the IMS Lab. The remaining courses are just some electives.
  9. drager

    Are You A Mustang Premed?

    Hi, Im going into my 4th year of Med Sci. Im in honors spec IMS. I spend most of my time at Taylor but like to alternate between different study spaces. Pretty much took all the general science courses. Don't really have any favourite spot to eat at, but Tims is my go to.