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  1. drager

    Competitive GPA?

    True, wish they were as transparent as McMaster and Western but It's all part of the game, shooting in the dark and seeing if we hit the target or not.
  2. drager

    Competitive GPA?

    Thanks! will look through the old posts. Yea, Queens is not really letting anything out.
  3. Hi, My 2Yr GPA is 3.895 (3.9), what is considered to be a competitive GPA? Does Queen do ranked or cutoff for the GPA? Thanks.
  4. drager

    Casper Confirmation

    Nothing for me. I don't think they update the status of Casper. I just checked the Casper website and it says the results are delivered so hopefully this is some type of confirmation.
  5. Hi, I've calculated my wGPA and its 3.75, I read that the minimum wGPA required to be competitive is 3.8, however, I was wondering if there was some leeway around this number. I dont have any special circumstances besides diffculty transitioning into university for the academic explanation essay. I wanted to know if its even worth applying?
  6. drager

    MCAT Received Status

    No worries. I actually emailed her and in a few days it was updated. So all is good. Thanks for the heads up though.
  7. drager

    MCAT Received Status

    Yea, that's strange. When you released the mcat scores, did you send them to "Dalhousie University Faculity of Medicine" via AAMC?
  8. Hi, On the Application Summary page that indicates if your transcript, fees and mcat has been recieved. The MCAT section is still blank, I released my scores to dalhousie a month ago and did so again the past week, but there's no update. Should I message admissions? Thanks.
  9. drager

    Essays Verifiers?

    That's a relief. Thanks!
  10. I have mentioned some experiences and activities that I have done in my personal essay, which are not listed in the supplemental, do you think AdComs would require verification for these activities later? Thanks!
  11. drager

    MCAT Cutoff???

    Perfect! Thanks!!
  12. drager

    MCAT Cutoff???

    Sorry for hijacking this thread, but I have similar question. My mcat score is 510 - 126/127/129/128, are the other sections besides CARS sufficient to apply?
  13. drager

    CASPer/Interview/Application prep group

  14. Hi, If you have written more than one MCAT, does Queens look at the best score or the most recent? Thanks.