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  1. I know for sure that loneliness will never deter me from pursuing medicine any day. Even though it is quite painful on some days, I try actively to not let it affect my academic and professional career. Thanks for your input and wish you the best
  2. Nice to know there are people with similar feelings. Well, in a way, it is not nice I guess because loneliness is not a joyful state... so first of all, I'd like to wish you all the best! The pursuit of medicine definitely highlights the loneliness. I think it has to do with how when one receives the bad news (rejection) it is always less painful if they have strong social support. Otherwise, the solitary brain will focus too much on the bad news creating a seemingly never-ending pit of dejection and sorrow. i definitely agree that loneliness is not a factor in medical school admission or in what a person can achieve. Like you said, however, the "blank" that loneliness creates is not something that can be easily ignored. I learned that it can be put aside for a while, but it seems to always come back to bite every once in a while... I do 100% agree that it is purely a state of mind and that it is relative as well..... Do these facts, however, make any attention that is given to the topic of loneliness unwarranted? I certainly do not think so..
  3. Hi, Been a visitor to this board for a while but never really posted. Quick intro about me: Applied twice to medical school (2013 and 2014) didn't get any interviews and will be applying again this year.. But I am lonely. I currently have no real relationships. I used to have really close friends during highschool and university but once I graduated, a couple of them moved to other cities for work, med school, or to pursue a grad degree. I still try to keep in touch with them as they are pretty much all i have but I only see them once every 3 months or possibly longer. I've also never been successful in the romantic aspect of life. I was never in a relationship and could literally count the number of "dates" I've had in my entire life (Think less than 3 haha... I'm not sure if they are even considered "dates" haha). I try to keep these things off my head for most of the time.. but sometimes it just gets to me. I work everyday full time... when I come home I mostly hit the gym and then just relax and get lost in my thoughts while listening to music before heading to bed.. I'm very curious to know how much of an outlier I am in the premedical and medical student groups. Does any one share similar feelings? I'm not here to rant away pointlessly.. after all I chose to post in a forum where there is probably a plethora of open-minded and critical thinkers, pursuing medicine like myself, that could provide some input, for a reason.
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