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  1. At least one additional person was accepted off of the waitlist, but didn't mention it in their introduction.
  2. Time Stamp: 7:28am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Accepted! GPA: 3.87 Eps: Various sports and hobbies, one first author publication, provincial and national scholarships, and some volunteering (nothing hospital related though) Decision (will you accept your offer)? YES Campus: Thunder Bay I am so excited to be accepted this year! Especially after the waitlist purgatory that was last year! Can't wait to meet my fellow Westies!
  3. Time Stamp: 9:16am Interview: Yes! OMSAS GPA: 3.89 Context: Grew up and living in Northern Ontario ECs: Fairly varied. A number of sports and part time jobs, one first author publication, a few academic awards, and a reasonable amount of volunteering. Nothing extraordinary Non-trad? No # of Previous Applications: 1 As excited as I am to get an interview, I am already starting to dread the day of!
  4. Someone got in off of the waitlist yesterday!
  5. I had to have a back up plan prepared during the whole application process to keep me from getting too stressed. So right now I'm just assuming plan B is now plan A, and that I'll be doing a masters in the fall!
  6. There is a rumor flying around that we will hear our rankings soon. I'm not sure how much truth there is to it though
  7. I am actually super happy to be waitlisted! I expected rejection! I agree though that it would be way nicer if they actually gave us our ranks
  8. Time Stamp: 9:05am Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Waitlist GPA: 3.85 ECs: Nothing special. Sports, a few long term jobs, and a USRA. Decision (will you accept your offer)? N/A Campus: N/A Sadly the waitlist doesn't appear to be ranked anymore.
  9. Maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow. I doubt they will, but it's worth a phone call. Also, maybe our ranks will be in the email updates coming after the 24th.
  10. Do you think admissions would tell us ranks if we called?
  11. Haha Med_pack I meant to write between terrible and awesome... my brain is a bit fried from exams and thesis writing!
  12. These 19 days are going to go by so slowly! I keep changing my opinion about my interview... sometimes I think it went terribly, other times I think it was awesome!
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