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  1. I got a 511 and got a 8/10- however it's definitely possible they could change the scoring this year, especially where last year was the first year with the new MCAT.
  2. Scholarships, dean's list, faculty medals, academic awards are all some you can include as well
  3. I heard somewhere point-form is preferred (just easier to read). It also can make it easier to highlight your responsibilities (i.e. put more important responsibilities as the first bullet point).
  4. From previous discussions with current med students and the admissions team, I've come to realize they are not as picky as you think. I'm sure you'd be fine either way, but I did write "Team" for type of activity instead of just the abbreviation (T)
  5. I found this odd too. I ended up moving some of my extracurricular activities that seemed more important/involved more volunteer work to the volunteer section so I could describe them. For those that remain in the extracurricular section, I may briefly describe them in the "type of activity" section.
  6. For the "Volunteer Activity- Description of Responsibilities" section, I am just wondering what sort of writing format most people used. I.e. should I use "Assist in the coordination of..." or "I assisted in the coordination of" or just drop the "I" altogether and say "Assisted in the coordination of". What do you guys think is more comfortable for potential readers?
  7. Yes if you are comfortable sharing, I'd love to know your score breakdown! Mostly so I can further torture myself.... hahaha
  8. Were you accepted? Congrats if so!!! What was your score breakdown if you don't mind me asking?
  9. I'm really hoping it's an administrative delay! I've been thinking by the time June hits we might be out of luck (at least us NS waitlisters). But I definitely expected more spots to open up after OMSAS letters.
  10. Does anyone know why we haven't heard anything yet on the forums? Doesn't seem like OOP or IP waitlists are moving at all despite being over 2 weeks after OMSAS letters were sent out
  11. I'm actually IP for Dal! I've been told the IP waitlist doesn't move much, so I'm not getting my hopes up but we'll see
  12. Wait were you OOP or IP for Dal? Do they only replace OOP with waitlisted OOP applicants?
  13. Congratulations on your acceptance to Toronto! Will be crossing my fingers tomorrow
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