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  1. Yeah I think it’s done more in the states. Haven’t heard of people doing it here. Maybe for really small programs?
  2. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Dec 3), Calgary (Dec 3), Alberta (Dec3), Western (Dec 4), Memorial (Dec 5), Laval (Dec 5), Toronto (Dec 6), McGill (Dec 6), UBC (Dec 6), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 17) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Dec 7), Ottawa(Dec 8), Memorial(Dec 12), Western (Dec 12), Dalhousie (Dec 14), McMaster (Dec 17) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4) UBC (Dec 13) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan (Nov 27), Queen's (Dec 5), McGill (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Calgary (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Western (Dec 12), MUN (Dec 13) Emergency Medicine: Queen's (Dec 11) Family Medicine: Ontario (Nov 28; IMG only), Laval (Nov 30), Montréal (Dec 4), Saskatchewan (Prince Albert - Dec 10, Moose Jaw/Swift Current - Dec 13th, Saskatoon - Dec 13th), UofT (Dec 12), Sherbrooke (Dec 12) , McGill (Gatineau - Dec 13), Alberta Rural (Dec 12), Alberta Urban (Dec 14), UBC (Dec 14), McGill (Montreal - Dec 14) Queens (Dec 17), McMaster (Dec 17) General Pathology: Calgary (Nov 22), Alberta (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 11), McMaster (Dec 13)  General Surgery: McGill (Dec 3), Sherbrooke (Dec 12), Toronto (Dec 17), Manitoba (Dec 17) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: To be announced on January 3rd Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary (Nov 27), UBC (Nov 29), Manitoba (Nov 28), Ottawa (Dec 6), McGill (Dec 14) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Western (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 4), McGill (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 11), Memorial (Dec 12), Alberta (Dec 14) Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Dec3), Montreal (Dec 4), Calgary (Dec 4), McMaster (Dec 7), McGill (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 14) Neuropathology: Western (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 13), U of T (Dec 14) Neurosurgery: McMaster (Nov30), Western (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 10), UBC (Dec12), McGill (Dec 12), Toronto (Dec 17) Nuclear Medicine: Sherbrooke (Dec 07), Western (Dec 17) Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Manitoba (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 12) Ophthalmology: UBC (Dec 4), Western (Dec 10), Alberta (Dec 11), Manitoba (Dec 14), McGill (Dec 17) Orthopaedic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 7), McGill (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 14), McMaster (Dec 14), Dalhousie (Dec 12) Otolaryngology: Alberta (Dec 6), UofT (Dec 14), Calgary (Dec 14), Manitoba (Dec 17) Pediatrics: McMaster (Dec. 14, IMG), Western (Dec 14, IMG), UBC (Dec 14, IMG), Ottawa (Dec. 14, IMG), Toronto (Dec.14, IMG) Plastic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 4), Manitoba (Dec 11) PM&R: Queens (Nov 22), McMaster (Nov 26), UBC (Nov 30), Manitoba (Nov 30), Western (December6), UofT (December 12th), Calgary (December 12th), USask (Dec 6), Alberta (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 13)  Psychiatry: Memorial (Nov 23), Sherbrooke (Nov 27), McMaster- Hamilton and Waterloo (Dec. 4), Western - London & Windsor (Dec. 4), McGill (Dec. 4), Calgary (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 5), U of T (Dec 7), Ottawa (Dec 7), Alberta (Dec 10), NOSM (Dec 11), Queens (Dec 12), USask-Regina (Dec 12), UBC (Dec 12), USask-Saskatoon (Dec 13),Dalhousie (Dec 13), U de M (Dec 14) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Alberta (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 12), NOSM (Dec 12) UofT (Dec 12), Ottawa (Dec 13) Queens (Dec 17) Radiation Oncology: Calgary (December 10), Alberta (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 17), Dalhousie (Dec 17), Manitoba (Dec 17), Western (Dec 17) Urology: Western (Dec 4), Dalhousie (Dec 5), McMaster (Dec 5), Ottawa (Dec 6), Toronto (Dec 8), McGill (Dec 12) Vascular Surgery: Toronto (Nov 26), Western (Dec 10)
  3. Fall 2017 entry will be tough as it restricts you to schools that don't care at all about you grad degree status. McGill, U of A and McMaster Apparently. Even Fall 2018 entry will be iffy because you'd still need to finish in less than 2 years for U of T, Queen's and Western. On top of that, you've got to manage your relationship with your supervisor. It's in your best interest to be as honest and open as possible with him/her but there aren't that many supervisors that want a grad student with one foot out the door. If you really want to do research and learn lab skills etc then this might be a worthwhile use of time. I've talked about this a little bit elsewhere on the forum, but I just don't see an MSc as the best path to medicine if that's your only goal. PM me if you want, I was in a similar situation 2 years ago.
  4. It depends on the school you're applying to. U of T, Western, Queen's, UBC(?), U of C and I presume others, all have specific dates that you must finished by. Emphasis on must finish. No dropping grad school when you get your admission letter. Starting a one year master's in Fall 2016 means that if you are obscenely productive you might be able to apply for medical school starting Fall of 2017. Odds are you will not be finished in time to start in Fall of 2017, especially for somewhere like U of T or Western (June 30th deadline). FWIW U of A doesn't care if you drop a grad degree part way through.
  5. Time Stamp: 11:25 Mountain Result: Waitlisted Geography: OOP GPA: ~87% MCAT: 520 Interview: not sure why but this one was particularly grueling for me. The rest stations were a life saver. I'll be taking myself off of the waitlist to attend another school, so best of luck everyone.
  6. Date: May 10 10:05 Mountain Time Result: Accepted to London campus (preferred London to Windsor) 2 Best years GPA: 3.745 MCAT: 129/130/132/129 ECs: irrelevant, but posted elsewhere in my history Interview: Felt great about the panel interview Year: 2nd year MSc Geography: non-swomen Due to the extremely aggressive timeline I'd need to be able to finish my grad degree by June 30th, I'll be declining and accepting a school that gives me a bit more breathing room.
  7. Timestamp: 6:57 AM May 10, 2016 Result: Accepted! Year: 2nd year MSc cGPA: 3.7 MCAT: 520 ECs: in my post history, hadn't seen them as a strength. Interview: the mmi format surprised me a bit, but I think I really shined in the panel. No idea what school I'm picking at this point. Financial considerations have me leaning towards Alberta schools, but Queen's was one of my favourite schools to be around on the interview day! Cudos all, and for anyone waitlisted, take solace (intended) in the fact that there tends to be good wiatlist movement for Queen's.
  8. For posterity, I phoned into the office and they told me that there is no deadline for graduate student's to be complete by. They will assign additional points to improve wait-list position up until June 15th if confirmation of thesis defense is provided, but they won't decline admission for graduate students who are admitted but finish later in the summer or (i suppose?) leave their graduate program.
  9. Hey everyone, Does U of A have a deadline for completion of grad degrees? I expected that if there was a deadline it would be in the admission letter, but I didn't see anything. I'll be phoning admission in the morning to ask, but figured I'd try here first. Thanks,
  10. Result: Accepted!!!! Ahhhhh! GPA: 3.75 MCAT: 520 ECs: I wrote em up somewhere earlier. I didn't think they were strong. Year: 2nd year MSc Geography: IP Interview: My global impression was that I'd been a bit verbose, little bit of verbal diarrhea, but that I mostly held it together. I have no idea which school I'm going to choose... :S This has got to be the best kind of problem to have. Congratulations to everyone!
  11. Result: Accepted!! GPA: 3.76 MCAT: 520 w/ 130 CARS ECs: I wrote em up somewhere earlier. I didn't think they were strong. Year: 2nd year MSc Geography: IP Interview: 1st one ever. Had no idea how to feel. I'm having a giggle fit now though. I can't even.
  12. They might not be following this subforum. Maybe try DMing someone that posted regrets in the invites thread? Dunno.
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