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  1. Agreed -- fantastic improvement -- how did you complete your second degree? (online and/or using a lot of transfer credits?) Congratulations!
  2. Ok -- thanks for reassuring -- super frustrating to have to wait but fingers crossed it will arrive soon!
  3. Thanks for this! Is it then better to submit our workbook by email before the deadline to be safe, even though it says that it is incomplete without the McGill ID?
  4. Hello! Is anyone still waiting on their McGill ID? I have contacted the admissions office and they said it should be on its way at some point today (I submitted the request early yesterday morning) -- I have my documents all ready to go, but hope it doesn't come close to the deadline! :|
  5. I found this in the AMCAS manual -- "To meet an AMCAS deadline, your application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on the deadline date." -- so I am thinking it is at the end of the day if the deadline is November 1st.
  6. Hello! I am wondering if a deadline is November 1st (for example!) -- if the deadline is by 11:59pm on November 1st or 12:00am on November 1st? In other words, is the deadline at the end of the day? Thanks!
  7. I agree that completing a PhD (or extensive work experience) is a much more non-traditional path. Luckily you will see many PhDs posting whether they are applying in this cycle or whether they are already accepted into an MD program! Best of luck!
  8. congratulations to everyone who received an interview invite already! it is great to see the diversity in the stats -- does anyone know if invitations are sent over weekends or should we take a break from refreshing our inboxes? thanks!
  9. What a cool program that I hadn't heard of before! It sounds like a great "prep" school for MD, which I didn't think existed so much in Canada. Is there a contact person for this program that you would recommend to learn more about it? I'm glad to hear your mind frame that all experiences are important too, as this easily translates to the life-long learning that medicine demands!
  10. Agreed, definitely not the best practice and it is the reference who submits the final version.
  11. Hello! I'm wondering if anyone offers experienced review of reference letter drafts? I find that I have to create drafts for my referees (which isn't ideal, but many of my references have busy schedules with teaching/research/clinical work) -- and I want to make sure my letters are at least somewhat eye catching for the reviewers! Thanks!
  12. Congrats on getting into McMaster in 2016 (and being almost done now!) PhD2MD! Did you complete your PhD before applying to MD? If so, did you apply to any other schools? Did you find that your PhD work was relevant (benefit/detriment) during the interviews?
  13. Thanks for these helpful responses! I think I also see that Dalhousie looks at PhD courses + 3rd or 4th year undergraduate courses if PhD has been completed? https://medicine.dal.ca/departments/core-units/admissions/admissions/gpa-requirement/degree-assessment.html
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