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  1. When the application states that "you anticipate completing an MSc or PhD by June 30th, 2017", do they mean that your thesis must be submitted and defended by June 30th, or degree must be in hand (i.e. convocated) by June 30th? Thanks!
  2. Just was wondering if any graduate students here (or anyone knows any grad student) have gotten an interview with a wGPA of ~3.75? Meet all MCAT cut-off. Have multiple publications. Strong ECs in my opinion.
  3. Guessing we can expect some more movement today, given it's been a week since a set came out.
  4. Just curious, in previous years when did the waitlist fill up?
  5. So we're up to a grand total of 4 people on PM101 being accepted off the waitlist so far...Nice Anyone know how this compares to previous years where ~200 offers have been made? Did so few people of PM101 report being admitted off the waitlist?
  6. Can we make a pact that we immediately post any waitlist movement on this thread. Telling family, friends, loved ones should not be a priority
  7. If not admitted off the waitlist will we receive an email once movement is complete?
  8. Just seemed to be a couple people that responded in a short period of time.. Hopefully if there was any movement it would get posted on the other waitlist thread as well!
  9. I think it was more-so just out of curiosity to determine whether we can expect waitlist-acceptance emails to come any time of day, or if they're released them in a big batch once a day.
  10. Hmm, I suppose. Good point. The acceptance rates could be fairly representative by the looks of it if they do do some over inviting, but yeah it's likely to be subject to major reporting bias. Rejection numbers obviously subject to bias, but yeah underreported (places like PM101 forums for UofC and UofA report rejections 5-14% of the time, whereas the likely straight rejection proportion is closer to 50/60%). For Queens the WL proportion is still something like 60% (when including people that remove themselves from the WL). So it's hard to say, because if it was only 100 people then we're looking for 20%, rather than the 60% we have so far. Although I guess that would get shifted down a fair bit if more people reported rejections!
  11. I wish. But with 20-some people on PM101 already reporting being on the WL it seems unlikely.
  12. My random guess is: ~100 straight acceptances ~100 straight rejections ~300 waitlisters So even if waitlisted I'd assume it's likely that most people won't get in...
  13. Would # of offers given include people who were on the WL, but rejected the offer eventually when they moved off the WL?
  14. Would suggest maybe just including a "rejected" category for those anonymously wishing to share.
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