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  1. Thanks for all the insightful replies everyone! I know that nursing is not the traditional way but I don't think I want to complete a "useless" degree. Anyways I'm applying to nursing programs and kin programs and I guess i'll really need to do my research and just decide when I get my acceptance letters (hopefully! ) Can anyone comment on the difficulty to obtain a high GPA at McMaster for nursing? I live in Hamilton so I'll be attending mac for whichever programs anyways! Any input is appreciated.. thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm currently in grade 12 and applying for undergraduate programs soon. I am kind of wary of applying to life sciences programs, because if medical school does not working out and no job prospects. I'm interested in applying for kinesiology or nursing. I know nursing can be subjective in marking and all but I feel as it is the best back up undergrad program for me (or kin as I am really interested in it) My question is what schools am I able to apply to with a nursing degree (because of the clinical and pass/fail classes) I have emailed some med schools expressing my concern and from what I have gathered, I think McMaster and Queens are my realistic options. If you know anymore schools, that would be helpful, or if you can give me more information on this process and RN TO MD route. P.S Sorry didn't know which section to post in! I assume this is the correct one.
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