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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Dec 3), Calgary (Dec 3), Alberta (Dec 3), Western (Dec 4) Anesthesiology: Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan (Nov 27) Emergency Medicine: Family Medicine: Ontario (Nov 28; IMG only), Laval (Nov 30), Montréal (Dec 4) General Pathology: Calgary (Nov 22), Alberta (Dec 3) General Surgery: McGill (Dec 3) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary (Nov 27), UBC (Nov 29) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Western (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 4) Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Dec 3), Montreal (Dec 4) Neuropathology: Neurosurgery: McMaster (Nov 30) Nuclear Medicine: Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Ophthalmology: Orthopaedic Surgery: Otolaryngology: Pediatrics: Plastic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 4) PM&R: Queens University (Nov 22), McMaster (Nov 26), UBC (Nov 30), Manitoba (Nov 30) Psychiatry: Memorial (Nov 23), Sherbrooke (Nov 27), McMaster- Hamilton and Waterloo (Dec. 4), Western - London & Windsor (Dec. 4) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Radiation Oncology: Urology: Western (Dec 4th) Vascular Surgery: Toronto (Nov 26)
  2. How do consultation fees work if you are a GP? For example, if another physician refers a patient to be seen by you, do you get to bill A005 Consultation $77.20? What about if you choose to have a focussed practice such as Sports Med or Dermatology and restrict your practice to only seeing referred patients? Eg. would you bill the A005 or the consult fee for Dermatology (A025 $72.15) if you had a derm focussed practice?
  3. I just started 3rd year and recently had my first exposure to Ophthalmology and really enjoyed it. However, as it is an extremely competitive speciality I am worried it is too late to be competitive without having to take a research year (which I am not willing to do). I was currently interested in another competitive speciality before being exposed to Optho and will have around 6 publications from that speciality. If I start doing Optho research immediately and can hopefully publish 1-2 papers before CARMs, along with doing all of my pre-carms electives in Optho, would this be competitive enough, especially for an Ontario school? What else can I do to improve my competitiveness? Finally, how difficult is it to back-up with family medicine if I have no pre-carms electives in it?
  4. I just started medical school and have always been interested in dermatology for personal reasons. I just found out that it is one of the most competitive specialities, which is making me nervous. What can I do to best set myself up for derm from the beginning? Should I begin to do observerships in derm? Do I need to do seem research? At my medical school we only spend a very short time on derm and that to in second year, so should I read a derm book earlier than that?
  5. I'm usually a social person but when I'm around people I don't know I become very shy. I'm starting medical school in a city where I know no one. What would be the best way to establish real friendships during orientation week and school itself? I didn't have this issue in university as I went to university with people I knew and made new friends together. I'm getting really nervous so happy for some advice.
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