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  1. dankmeme

    Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!

    Yeah just to add to this, last year I got cut off answering followups at like basically every station, and it worked out fine. Don't worry about it too much!
  2. To follow up on this - in previous years, scoring has been roughly as follows: 503-506 = 6/10 507-510=7/10 511-516=8/10 517-522=9/10 523+=10/10
  3. IP Accepted So happy to finally be posting this here!!!! Looks like decisions came very early this year!! GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 510 Interview: Felt pretty good about it - a couple rough stations but overall I felt like I connected with multiple interviewers. ECs: a lot of ECs - hospital volunteering, clubs, societies, etc. Enough to get me an OOP UBC interview so I think there were pretty good!!
  4. dankmeme

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    I don't know - it's tough because I found that I noticed their body language as an indicator of when they wanted me to stop talking...for one of my questions, I had a very well prepared answer, but I felt like perhaps they wanted me to wrap it up prematurely, which kinda cut me short in terms of what I wanted to say. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why I prefer MMIs to the trad format. In MMIs, you know you have 5-7ish minutes to talk about your answer, if it's well thought-out and covers multiple points. And if your answer isn't a long one, you get very fair probing questions. Whereas in the trad format, like I said, the interviewer's body language may suggest to stop talking, which makes your answer, in some cases, worse than it could be. I would say just try and cover all your main points in a concise way without dragging on too long. With only 40 minutes or so in the interview, that amounts to a very small number of questions (maybe like 6 or so questions in total?). So, use your time wisely and be aware of the feeling in the room.
  5. dankmeme

    Interview Invites

    Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 3:06 wGPA: 3.98 Year: MSc 2nd year MCAT: 131/124/129/128 ECs: Pretty extensive - 4 years research, 4 pubs, 7 conferences, thousands of ongoing hrs hospital, ER, founder of some clubs/societies, etc. Geography: OOP Didn't think this would work out anyways with that CARS score - oh well, was worth a shot! Best of luck to everyone who got an interview
  6. dankmeme

    McMaster Interview Invites/Regrets 2018

    Time stamp: 2:48 PM Invite/Reject: Reject GPA: 3.93 CARS: 124 Casper: Thought it went really well - evidently not enough to get over that low CARS score was worth a shot! OOP, Master's
  7. dankmeme

    Mcat Scoring

    Can confirm it's 7/10, I had a 4.0/4.0 GPA (so 15/15 on my score breakdown) and got a 510 on my MCAT, and I scored a total of 22/25 for the GPA+MCAT score. And yeah, pretty damn disappointing Perhaps they'll change it this year, but I wouldn't get my hopes up :/
  8. dankmeme

    Supplemental Form Verification

    They usually ask to confirm how many hours you've worked, and what your responsibilities were for that entry. They also sometimes ask what qualities the applicant has that makes them suited to be a good doctor.
  9. I also got rejected this year, but I do want to say that you definitely shouldn't give up. A 26/40 isn't terrible - the average for accepted people was around a 31, which with more preparation, you can definitely achieve. Reflect on what went wrong, on where you could have improved, prepare a while in advance, and give it another shot. In the mean time, I'm assuming your EC score wasn't exceptionally high either. That being said, ECs are an area where improvement isn't overly difficult. Ask for some feedback on your essay, adjust it accordingly, and pick up some more volunteering work during the next year (or however many more until you apply again). A few friends of mine who got rejected after their undergrad but accepted this cycle after finishing their Masters had similar scores (in the 60s) the first time around. Don't give up! You can do this. You spent years working hard to even just get the interview. You can make this final push, I guarantee it.
  10. dankmeme

    Date Speculation

    I've had both PCs and Macs too, and I can tell you, Macs are far superior for note-taking and general use. My air gives me a good 8-10 hours of battery life, which completely trumps a PC of the same price. Also, if you have an iPhone or other apple products, the integration is real. The new retina pros are also really nice, and while I think they have slightly slower battery life (7-9 hours iirc), they look absolutely beautiful. They're also more pricey though!
  11. dankmeme

    Interview Invites/regrets 2015

    Time stamp: 1:30 pm AST Result: Invite wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 511 EC's: A decent amount (couple years of research, hospital volunteering, community volunteering, societies, recreational sports, founded a harm reduction program) Essay: I think (hope) I had a strong essay. I talked a lot about my personal and professional life decisions that brought me to want to do medicine. I felt pretty good about it. Year: 4th UG IP/OOP: IP
  12. So it says to list poster presentations and publications here...I have a number of secondary authorships on abstracts and posters, but they didn't get any awards. Do I still list them in this section?