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  1. I'm cancelling my exam - if you want the spot send me a private message.
  2. My academic reference was contacted. Not sure about the other 2.
  3. Looking at the past 2 year's sub-threads, it doesn't seem like they contact that many references. I did my interview Saturday morning and Dr Ziola said not everyone's references are contacted - some people get in without ref checks.
  4. TIME STAMP: Feb 5th 2:19 pm Interview Date: March 17 Result: Invited GPA: 88.4% MCAT: 520 ECs: Quite alot Year: Graduated Geography : IP
  5. Hello, Does anyone know where to get info on the MMI - such as how many stations, what kind of stations we could expect ect? Regards, Issac
  6. Do you think they call people from the regular MD stream?
  7. Hey folks, You think the ad comm is going to be nice and release the scores early (Jan 29) or stick to the regular schedule (Feb 4)?
  8. Interview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularOGPA : 90-91MCAT: 521ECs: Lots since I'm 29Current Degree: B.A and MBAGeography: IP Feeling blessed and definitely lucked out : ) !
  9. The "Grade Numeric" section goes from 50-100 nor single digits
  10. Hello, Thank you for our reply. When I go into the the specific year - I see all my courses and all other info (Grade/OMSAS Length/Value/Avg). I noticed that under "Scale" it says "N/C" for every single class. My school only issued Grade Letters (which I selected) but we do not have numeric grades. So under "Grade Numeric" I didn't select anything. Could that be the reason?
  11. Hello,' I've emailed the adcoms a week ago and still have no heard back from them. I input all my grades in OMSAS "Postsecondary Education" section. I noticed that every single value (OMSAS Length, Value, Avg) are all zeros. Is that normal? Thank you guys so much in advance! Regards, Issac
  12. 2 weeks ago, 3 of my verifiers were contacted - all on the same day. Today, 1 verifier contacted me saying that he received an email in his inbox today in the morning. Weird eh?
  13. Hello, One of my professors messaged me last week about a verification. Not sure what to think of this.... Good luck folks. Regards, Issac
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