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  1. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Absolutely! *joins the nervous chuckling too*
  2. Neurophiliac

    Total Hours vs Duration of an EC

    It's hard to say, but generally I think both total hours and duration are important. I think the strongest applications have a mix of both; long-term commitments demonstrate the applicant's dedication with respect to those activities, so it's important to have at least one major activity that you've been involved with for, say, ~2 years or more. Of course, specific scenarios have specific reasons, of which can be usually clarified in the application (e.g. UBC's "Clarifications" box for each entry). Also, not all Canadian medical schools are the same/have the same ideals. But I think generally speaking, to cover all schools and cases, it's best to have activities that have a high number of total hours as well as a long duration.
  3. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    This just comes to show how much we don't know about the process despite all of our "thought-provoking" speculations @this_process_is_death but man that must be beyond frustrating...
  4. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    The last time I interviewed, I was waitlisted & rejected with an above average interview. Ultimately, I think what got me was my low MCAT and poor choice of academic reference. I have a better overall MCAT now and my submitted reference forms are all hopefully strong (at least I'm more confident in them). Since then, I've also done plenty of new things while maintaining my old ECs. We'll see what happens this time around haha. At the least, I hope I performed equally as well as last time on my interview (if not better) :S
  5. Neurophiliac

    Should I rewrite my MCAT?

    I would also agree and think it's best that you give it one more go. How much time did you spend studying for it last time? The most important thing in improving your score is proper planning. The MCAT is important for sure for UBC, but so are other things. When planning your time, see if you can balance it with some other important things if you can. It's hard to say, but from what I gather, achieving a total score of 510+ would be good for UBC (however, many get accepted with lower scores), but of course aim for higher so that you can apply across Canada . In terms of individual sections, I think 127-128+ per section is great.
  6. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    So yeah, as @this_process_is_death has mentioned: All results will come out on the same day, AKA D-Day or Judgement Day or The Apocalypse (pick your favourite) – this will be either on May 9 (Thursday), May 10 (Friday), May 13 (Monday), or May 14 (Tuesday), I think. Back a few years ago, rejections always came between 9-10 AM, then waitlists between 10-11 AM, then finally offers between 11 AM - 12 PM. BUT, times have shifted recently with results coming out later. Honestly, anything after 9 AM is GG lol. Many prayers will be sent that day, including ones from myself: * Bonus points for anyone who watches this.
  7. Neurophiliac

    MCAT dilemma.. plz help

    Are the individual section scores pretty even by any chance? Hmm I can definitely understand why you feel torn. In my personal opinion, I think you should wait until May and see what happens. If May brings good news, then perfect! If not, I think it would be better if you attempt a rewrite; also, there’s a very strong chance you’ll be able to register for August should you look for an exam date then. Most of the times I registered for the MCAT has been close to the actual exam date (even if it was August) lol. You’d have to check every day tho to find an open spot, and usually cancelations do happen (ESPECIALLY before the bronze deadline or whatever it’s called). However, to use your time efficiently, perhaps you can (right now) think of writing up a plan should you decide to rewrite it depending on the result you get in May — so, make a plan for studying for the exam starting late May until, say, August.
  8. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Don’t worry! They’ll get through all of them hopefully by end of this week. I actually emailed them about it lol, and they said: ”We expect to finish updating these statuses soon.”
  9. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Yup! Mine was finally updated today haha.
  10. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Hahaha I should change my name to Mr. Overthink by this point . May May bring good news .
  11. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Hahaha, yup that too!
  12. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Hahaha Exactly – I thought about the same exact thing plus more. Originally, this is what I kept thinking: Adcom most likely wants to maximize efficiency in evaluating the 673 applicants.¹ As a result, when they categorize applicants into Above Average, Average, and Below Average interview scores, they may automatically reject those within the Below Average category. After all, the interview stage is all about the interview stage. So, if someone does poorly on it, there is no need to evaluate their file. As a result, only those within the Average and Above Average categories are eligible for a post-interview evaluation. To further maximize efficiency, they may also look at applications in order with Above Average applicants first. Since those with strong performances already did great on the interview, it makes sense to look at them first and quickly see if they meet other criteria + some extra evaluation, and then have some get accepted. Then, they heavily think about people within the Average category because (1) there may be many of them and (2) they performed average, so they may require more evaluations/careful reviewing of their file before a decision is reached. And then, I related this to the Proof of Citizenship (PoC) status update: I can confirm that the date of PoC update has nothing to do with an applicant's interview date, last name, nor when they uploaded their PoC – I have checked with friends who have theirs updated already. Also, the update has nothing to do with the document/item itself; it's the fact that the application's status has been updated. Since (according to my original thoughts above) stronger applicants are reviewed first, this may be why some people have their application's PoC updated, indicating that either (1) their file is about to be reviewed, or (2) their file has been reviewed and thus the update is taken place immediately after. This may further indicate that after stronger applicants have been reviewed, then Average interview applicants will be reviewed and thus their PoC will be updated, and then finally there will be one massive wave where all Below Average interview applicants will have their PoC updated. All in all, date of PoC update could correlate with an applicant's chance of being accepted. Now that I've mentioned all these previous thoughts, this is what I'm thinking now: All the above is BS (lol) because these speculations are very likely to be wrong on many levels. Firstly, if applicants are reviewed by a category/performance order (whether this be top to bottom or vice versa), this will clearly introduce bias in Admissions' process of accepting applicants. Furthermore, admissions is not on a rolling basis. As a result, it's very unlikely to accept a candidate during Admissions' first review of the applicant, simply because they haven't looked at all the rest yet. As a result, I think it makes more sense that they review candidates by some order (perhaps a code name like App001) which the order of has no correlation with the applicant's last name, interview date, etc, on multiple occasions. This also explains that the date of PoC update is random because it depends on the code name/application number. Whether this update correlates with application review, I'm not sure. Either some admissions assistant completes the PoC update separately from the review entirely, or he/she updates the status within the timing vicinity of the review. Secondly, I now strongly believe that date of PoC update does not correlate with chances of being accepted. If this was the case, there would be a hint within the admissions process that allows candidates to determine the likelihood of being accepted before their decisions have been released. This could open Pandora's box and introduce a whole whack of problems and complaints. Lastly, I don't think Below Average interview applicants are cut out immediately and I don't think that there is a variability in the time spent on reviewing a candidate's file dependant on their interview performance, simply because of two words: systematic process. I think it is more fair and it makes more sense that Admissions uses a systematic process in reviewing each applicant's file. This means that there is a consistent time spent reviewing an applicant's file, whether they are strong or not. Also, this means that Below Average interview applicants are still considered. Even though the interview stage is the interview stage, post-interview evaluations are holistic. Sure, interview is very important, but so are other things like reference letters, the MCAT, the applicant's ability to take on the rigorous MD curriculum, their motivation for medicine, their commitment to their community, and much, much more. TL;DR: Keep calm and wait until May – we will never know until we actually know/find out in May. ¹ Some people withdrew their application, but this was the original reported number.
  13. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    So guys, I have this crazy theory. I think there’s a correlation between date of update and interview performance/chance of being accepted; the sooner your proof of citizenship has changed to “Received” the better your interview performance and chance of receiving an offer. This has nothing to do with the specific type of the document, but rather the fact that the status has been updated. I think adcom reviews stronger interview scores first before the rest. Perhaps when they’re about to review the file, it’s prepared by checking proof of citizenship (and thus updated) first. Or that the file has been reviewed and then immediately the status is updated. The date of update has nothing to do with last name, interview date, nor document upload date — I’ve confirmed these with friends. What do you guys think?
  14. Neurophiliac

    Proof of Citizenship

    Yup, same! Hopefully they update it soon haha — I was looking at it today as well.